Five on Friday: Summer Beauty Favs

Friday, June 24, 2016

Well here it is the day that I wait for beginning on Monday each week. I love summer Fridays because I know at 5pm I will be able to leave the troubles of the week and began another weekend of summer fun. So since it is the first wonderful week of summer here are my five favorite summer beauty essentials.


Of course number one will always be Jergen's natural glow. My skin is pasty and white so this stuff really kicks all my summer burn. I would say tan but that just doesn't happen. Lets be honest anything this white well tan just does happen. I have come to terms and accepted it. 


Yep you guessed it... sun block. My skin is super sensitive and I have to watch what I put on it and this sun block. It's a miracle. It is very pricey but sometimes you can find it a Ulta buy on get one half off. When that happens stock up! This doesn't have any bad chemicals in it and smells like you just walked out on the beach. 

It's all fun and games in the pool until someone gets out and has a rats nest for hair and 99% of the time that is me. I have nappy wavy hair and if I don't put something in it my hair goes everywhere. I love spraying  this amazing spray or using the texturing cream because then I know my hair will at least be a little manageable. 


Oh the love affair that you can have with a good creaseless hair tie. Nothing is better than being able to throw your hair up on your head and go on about your business in the pool. The creaseless way is the only way to go.... 


Dear sweet sweet Hoola by Benefit. I love when my face is in the sun and clears up. I can throw on a few dashes of this beautiful bronzer and away we go. I love the sun-kissed glow that it gives without going over board. You don't look blotchy you just look sun kissed. It's amazing!!!

So now that I told you my summer favorites.... please share your summer favs!!


  1. I've heard wonderful things about the beach bum hair products! Happy Friday!

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