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Friday, July 29, 2016

Happy Friday Everyone! I have been counting down to this day since well Sunday. This weekend should be filled with Birthday celebrations for J and a whole lot of baby daddy love. I am so proud of this guy and everything that he accomplished. He makes this baby momma proud everyday. So here's to Friday and my favs.
One. I made this Coconut Pie last night for J because he needed something sweet and it was simple to whip up really fast. I took it out of the oven let it cool for about 20 minutes then turned around and half the pie was gone.
Two. Today J and his stepdad who is a contractor will be looking at the house again. I am so excited and hope that it passes the inspection. I really am in love with this house and think it could totally be the house that we retire in.
Three. Our Gender Reveal Party is exactly two weeks away..... Did you hear me TWO WEEKS. I am so ready to find out what this peanut is. I have already purchased a few gender neutral gray items but now we can start buying sweet little colored items and pick out nursery items.
Four. We paid off my Hyundai Santa Fe this week and I am so super pumped to have a paid off car. This is the first time in a long time that I don't have to make a car payment. We hope to start paying double on my hubby's car and get that paid off. I want to have one car payment at a time instead of the normal two. Oh the problems of being a adult.
Five. I need some new foundation ideas. I have been using Tarte and I love it but want to try something new. I really am leaning more towards the Naked Skin One and Done. It's pretty much primer, foundation, and SPF in one. What do you guys use?
I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. That house is beautiful. Fingers crossed!!


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