Thursday Confessions

Thursday, July 21, 2016

I confess.... that I have been driving around on empty all week because it it too damn hot to get out and pump gas. Alabama is ridiculous right now and being pregnant doesn't make it any easier. 

I confess.... that we are going to beach in a month and I cry when I think about putting a bathing suit on this pregnant body. I still haven't purchased a pregnancy bathing suit.

I confess....that a girl at work makes me want to quit my job everyday. How can one person require that much attention every damn day. Get over one cares.

I confess.... that i haven't put up the laundry that has been washed since last weekend. I don't have any energy and haven't needed anything out of it so who cares.

I confess.... that I want to move into a house before the baby comes but don't want to shop for a house. We hardly ever agree on the same house and it makes it more difficult to house shop. That leads to another confession of wanting to egg the people that took the last house that we actually both liked.

I confess....that I fell asleep at my desk last week and when I got caught I pretended that my neck was just hurting. 

I confess.... that I want this baby to be a girl so I can dress it cute. 

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  1. ugh i am sorry you have a girl at work like that, i have one like that too. she is not so bad that she makes me want to quit every day, but every now and again she drives me so batty that i want to cry and quit. i also want to remind her that hello, this is not high school lol.


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