Thursday Confessions

Thursday, August 4, 2016

I confess....that I thought about calling in every day this week just so I can sleep a little bit longer. I go to bed at a reasonable time but I never feel rested when I wake up.

I confess....  that I had someone else at work tell me that I am to big to just be 17 weeks. I also confess it took everything not to yell at her.

I confess.... that I am gonna start burning Fall candles and decorating like any day now. I am so over summer and can't wait to wear leggings and boots.

I confess.... that the Olympics are disgusting to me this year. Maybe it has do with the dead body that they pulled from the swimming river a week or two ago. Maybe it has something to do with Zika.... #vomit

I confess.... drinking so much water every day annoys me. I hear all these pregnant people talk about how easy it is with there 32Oz camel back. Girl don't lie to me.... 

I confess.... that we aren't any closer to finding a house and I am over it.  Like for real....


  1. Hey Kayla! I can totally relate to the drinking so much water scheme. I always wondered how other pregnant women can drink so much water! I never can. I go to the bathroom 1000 more already, and now I have to go more?!?! lol Thank you for sharing this on #shinebloghop this week. It's great of you to join us again!

  2. Someone told you you're too big for 17 weeks?!?!?! Oh that is SO not cool!

  3. I felt like calling in too. My girls have been waking up more this last week and a half and it is killing me. Need sleep now. Ha. Someone at work said you were too big for 17 weeks?! Not cool. I would be soooo pissed off. I had a hard time drinking all the water too. It's a lot to get down especially when your belly shrinks because it expands with baby.


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