Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Happy Tuesday! This weekend flew... man were are the summer days going. This weekend was a pretty relaxed one and I can not complain about that. That is just what this girl needs. Saturday J spent most of his day at a conference for continued education hours. That let me have time to clean and relax for most of the day. I went to Kohl's since it was tax free weekend and picked up a few gender neutral items for peanut. I hit the grocery store on the way home then went home to get away from the tax free school moms. Goodness they were hitting the stores hard.

Sunday we did our usually thing here lately and pilled in the car to house hunt. Every home that we have picked hasn't passed the inspection and would be a lot of money to fix. We just aren't at that point in our lives were we want to put a bunch of time and effort into fixing a home. We found a new house that we are very interested in. I am hoping it works out and is a option for us. It is in a neighborhood were they focus on the community and outside living. They have pools and playgrounds everywhere. It is surrounding a lake and the community is amazing. Plus it has this girls dream bath tub..

We are going to look at it again tonight and hope to make a decision this week...

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