Friday Fall Favorites

Friday, September 2, 2016

Happy Friday Everyone. I am so glad that it is finally Friday and I can sleep in tomorrow. This post is fulled by coffee and one hour of turning my alarm off and going back to sleep. Yeah this morning was a late sleep to write down in the books. Since it is Friday and I have one cup of coffee down it's time for my Fall Friday Favorites.

One. You don't know Fall candles until you are burning this baby. It smells heavenly and floats all through your house. It's amazing. 

Two. This Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip is where it is at. I love pumpkin flavored dips and this is almost by far the best thing to dance over your taste buds.... You can serve it with vanilla wafers or those fantastic cookies that serve to you on the delta plane. 

Three. I love flavored Oatmeal and this is my favorite Fall oatmeal to throw together. The taste of it screams everything fall and it is a pretty healthy breakfast to throw together. 

Four. Fall outfits are AMAZING. You just throw on a scarf and cardigan....bam you are ready for the day. Gosh I love that!



Five. The season it's self is my favorite of all time. I love football. friends, family, and the holidays. 

Have a fantastic weekend.

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