Thursday Confessions

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Happy Thursday Everyone. Sorry for the quiet blog here lately but we were enjoying a nice family vaca and needed a week to recover from the vacation after. Since it is Thursday it's time for some confessions.....

  • We are going to a ball next Saturday and trying on dresses has brought me to tears more than a couple of time. usually by this time I have a dress, my hair and makeup practiced, and at least have a idea of the shoes that I will be wearing. 

  • The same person at work who told me that I was big at 18 weeks also decided to tell me that I now I waddle.... That is just mean and something you should never say to anyone.

  • I may not have done all half the laundry from the beach trip. I just don't have the motivation to do laundry at all.

  • We are going to order baby girls crib tomorrow and I am so nervous. What if it isn't the right one....

  • We still can't decide on a name. I am game for putting it in a bowl and picking but my hubby isn't. 

  • We are putting a offer in on a house tomorrow and I can't wait. I really hope we get this house since every other house has been a bust. It's driving me crazy not knowing where we are gonna raise our baby girl.

  • Our little girl also now has a nick name since we won't decide on the name. Our family is now calling her BG for Baby Girl. I am not sure how I feel about it. 


  1. Hey Kayla! Hope you enjoyed your vacation and the week to recover afterwards. Congratulations on putting an offer to the house. Crossing my fingers for you! Thanks for sharing this on #shinebloghop this week. Always a pleasure reading through your confessions :)

  2. Picking a name for a baby is so hard, but it will come to you at some point. We didn't decide til late in the game either. And screw your coworker for saying you are fat and waddling. I hate them. Not cool at all. I really hope you get the house and have my fingers crossed for you!!!


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