Friday Favs

Friday, October 14, 2016

I am so thrilled that it is finally Friday. Ya'll Friday is my jam. I mean come on what is better knowing that you don't have to get up early and can eat your Applejack's with marshmallows on your own time. Thank goodness for the weekend.

One. Number one of course is this beauty that we are moving into two weeks from today....
I am in LOVE with this house.

Two. Tomorrow is our annual Holiday market and I am so excited. Every year we go and purchase crafts and food mixes to last us all year long. I love being able to walk through and look at what everyone has. This year it will be totally different since I can look at stuff for Baby Girl too. 

Three. Like I have mentioned several times.... Guys and Gals I love my Apple jacks with Marshmallows... I don't know who came up with these recently but I have a addiction. My husband received a call from me in melt down mode because we were out at the house and publix didn't have any in the store.  He had to talk me down from going over the edge.

Four. I want this dress like right now. This whole outfit needs to be in my closet right now or better yet on me. I love the swing in the dress that hides all the extra lovin I have on my body right now. And those shoes..... #getinmycloset

Five. I have to go pack...... That's your number five today..


  1. Your new home is gorgeous! I know you cannot wait to be moved in. We are going through the same thing right now and we close a week from today. I'm on pins and needles. ;) we have something similar here called Christmas Village. It's a favorite every year for us too. Always love the home decor and kids clothes there, especially for baby girls! Can't wait to see what you find for your sweet girl. Happy weekend!

  2. Your home is gorgeous! How awesome to bring the baby home to it in just a few months! You're just a little behind me--I'm 32 weeks! Can't wait to follow your journey!


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