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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Things around this neck of the woods have been crazy. I apologize for my brief break from the blog. We have been busy and barely have time to get our regular things done.  Here are a few exciting updates on life lately.
* The main thing that we have been dealing with is the house hunting. I am more than happy to say that as of October 28th we will be home owners. We finally after months and months of looking found the perfect home for us to live in forever. I am so excited to bring baby girl home to this house! It is in a fantastic school system  and is just minutes away from our favorite shopping center.
* My husband was a groomsmen in a wedding over the weekend. It was a great time but we totally realized that we are old and can not hang anymore. We left everyone almost every night to go back to the hotel to sleep. We were both happy to be back at home on Sunday.
* I did my glucose test yesterday and am waiting on the results. I totally not sure how this will come out since I have PCOS. When you have PCOS you have a greater chance to have gestational diabetes.
* We have finally finished our registry and I am so excited about that. It is very difficult to pick the best items for your child. Man it takes a lot of research and thought. Plus everything works different for different families. I hope we are just making the right decisions.....
So we have been dealing with this and much more lately. I am hoping things will slow down in a few weeks after we close and get settled. We will finally be able to get her room set up and relax....

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