Thursday Confessions

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Happy Friday Eve! I am so glad that we can almost see the end of this week. It has  been a crazy one. Here are some weekly confessions.

* I confess that we are changing from the Iphone to a Nexus phone and it is giving me a panic attack. It is so hard to give up my beloved Iphone but it will save us fifty dollars a month. Which when you have a baby on the way is a lot.

* I confess that I am getting so tired of Facebook. I kinda of want to delete it...Hear me out. all that I see on there are people sharing stupid time wasting things. It is getting very old.

* I confess that we close on the house next Friday and I still have barely packed. I would much rather be at Costco eating hot dogs and buy things than packing.

* I confess that it drives me crazy when people at the office listen to there radio/ football weekend predictions so loud that I can hear every word... #turnthatshitoff Sometimes I am a Asshole and turn mine up to be louder.

* I confess that it drives me crazy also when people try to tell you how to raise/punish your kid. If you birthed it or carried it you punish it how ever you want.  It seems like right when you get the positive pregnancy test people tell you everything that you should do. #itsnoneofyourdamnbusiness 

* I confess that walking two blocks up hill to my car at the end of everyday is getting harder and harder. I am actually starting to think getting a ticket for being at a meter all day would totally be worth it.

* I confess that I am so excited about picking up the nursery furniture next weekend from the store. I want her room to be done by Friday night but I know that won't happen.


  1. Ah! Congratulations on closing on the house!! Packing aside, how exciting! I'll tell you what--I deactivated facebook for three years and it was GLORIOUS! I only reactivated because I need it for work. I'm with you: I HATE IT! Thanks for linking up today, pretty lady!

  2. Yay for closing on the house. You are so close. I hate packing. I would rather be at Costco as well. I would do what you feel is right for your child. I never to listen to others. I hate when they offer advice when I don't ask for it too! I can't wait to see the nursery progress!


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