Thursday Confessions

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Happy Thursday Everyone. We are one day away from signing away our lives on a beautiful house that I can't wait to make our home. This process has been a struggle to say the least at seven months pregnant. Girls.... Don't move 7 months pregnant..... All you do is get yelled at by your husband for lifting anything over 5 pounds. But I know that everything will be perfect by the time we bring our baby girl home in a short few months. Any who time for some juicy confessions.....

* I confess that I only have about 50% of the house packed. Yep.... Go me! It is hard coming home to pack after being at work for eight hours and have swollen feet. I think everything will work out just fine but man this shit is for the birds.

* I confess that I got so stressed out about this move and everything being fixed at the new house that all I could do yesterday afternoon was cry. I know that part of it is pregnancy hormones but part of it just stress. After my good cry I felt better though.

* I confess that my love for Costco Hot dogs maybe greater than then my love for anything else. We have eaten them for dinner like three times in a week. I know... I know it's a problem but they are so good. I don't know how to stop.... Is there a support group or something?

* I confess that I may be more excited about bringing baby G's stuff to the house than I am about bringing my own. I can;t wait to make progress in her room...

* I confess that we have 21 days until our first shower..... Omg like that is just a blink away. I am so excited to love on this sweet baby girl in my belly....

* I confess that I still feel like I am preparing for two funerals after the walking dead Sunday. I am so attached to these people on the show. I shall wear black all week long. #byebyeginger #byebyemaggiesbabydaddy

Well since I have like no packing done maybe I should go do that.... Maybe?


  1. Dang. I need to get on this Walking Dead watching train. so many people are talking about it. I hate packing and vow that next time we move, we will have movers. Way worth the money. Ha. I can't wait to see how your baby shower went. I love Costco pizza. Not everyday, but I love a slice when I go there.

  2. Hey, last time I was here I think you hadn't started packing yet - WAY TO GO!

    I love Costco top. My confession - I watched Walking Dead up until the end of last season and told my hubby I couldn't stand watching it anymore. He told me I made a good choice since two favourites were wiped out. That show is too rough on my emotions. lol

    I love your Thursday confessions.

    Thanks for sharing (and linking up to the last SHINE Blog Hop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. *Costco hot dogs* lol - I got too excited to tell you about my WD confession.


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