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Friday, November 18, 2016

Sorry that I have been MIA lately. Whoever told me moving at seven and half months pregnant is a great idea should be shot. I have been super busy getting things unpacked, put away, ready for the holidays, and preparing for this sweet angel who will make her appearance in less than eight weeks. I can't believe that today I am 32 weeks and she will be in my arms in less than 8 weeks.... Man it is crazy! Here are my five favorites.....

One. We have our first baby shower this weekend. I could not be more excited to celebrate this bump. I will be sharing the details of the shower and Thanksgiving at our home next week. We decided to go ahead and do a couples shower this weekend so the hubby/ baby daddy could be involved. I love watching him get excited about her.

Two. Speaking of that sweet baby bump we had our 4d this past weekend and she is comical ya'll. She would get tickled at something and laugh... It was amazing spending 30 minutes watching her on the screen.

Three. Ya'll I am having so much fun decorating the house and getting it set up the way we want. This house has a different feel and I love how open and inviting it is. We are trying to do it room by room so we can get everything completely done in one room without moving to the next one. So far I am in love with it and can not wait to see the final product. I will be sharing more about it in the upcoming weeks. 

Four. Totally need this shirt for next week...... You're welcome

Five. Thanksgiving morning will start with this. You have to eat a good breakfast and watch the parade... duh


  1. How sweet is the 4D shot! <3 Also, yes to breakfast and the parade! My favorite :)

  2. Yay for getting things set up in your house and seeing your little one in 4D. What a great picture. I can't wait to see your house and baby shower. Have a great week!


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