Thursday Confessions

Thursday, November 3, 2016

I am exhausted and can't think right now so lets just jump right in to this.....

* I confess that we went to our first maternity class last night and it was on breastfeeding. I may have left there with some pictures burned in my brain. I really want to breastfeed but that kind of discouraged me. 

* I confess that it drives me absolutely nuts that we boxes to unpack and the house to set up. I can't stand knowing we have things to do and I can't do them all. 

* I confess that my candy addiction is really.... Damn you Halloween candy.

* I confess that moving was not a good idea at 7 1/2 months pregnant. In fact it was pretty dang stupid. 

* I confess that the appliance guy just called to tell me that my new washer and dryer is in.... I yelled shut up in excitement and may have made him laugh at me. OOOps! Now I get why J says he can't take me anywhere. 

* I confess that I don't have any clean maternity jeans so I stuffed myself in non maternity jeans yesterday for our class and it was a hot ass mess. They fit I was just super uncomfortable. 

* I confess that we have a birthing class all day Saturday and I would much rather sleep all day long than go. #futuremomoftheyearaward

* I confess that my sinus/allergy/ cold has been here for a week and I am over it. Move along sniffle. #byefelicia

* I confess that I sat in baby girl's room for a hour yesterday just looking at her furniture. I am in love with everything and can't wait until she is here.

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  1. I went to the all day class too and it was good, but it was long. I did some breastfeeding and some pumping, but ended up pumping a lot since I had preemies in the NICU. Moving while pregnant would be tough! I give you props for that. I hope everything is good with you and the baby!


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