One Month Favorites: Gear

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Happy Hump Day! These past six weeks have been a doozy. Believe me when I say that I did not believe everyone when they said having a baby is a complete game changer. Your life completely changes. Suddenly you don't matter anymore. This little human becomes your whole world. You hurt when they hurt.. You smile when they smile... You love them with every being in your body. With that being said motherhood is the hardest thing that I have every done with my whole entire life. Of course it is amazing and I would not trade it for anything. It's exhausting, challenging, and the best thing you could ever do. So now that I got all that out here are our favorite baby gear things that we couldn't live without during the first month. I will be doing a separate post for feeding items that we couldn't live without. 

This thing is amazing. For convince we have her sleeping in our room every night in this amazing invention. She likes that it rocks her to sleep and if she wakes up before it is time to eat I turn the rocker on and she slowly drifts back off. Plus our sweet monkey has colic and reflux issues so this has her sleeping at a incline which helps a bunch. 

Baby wearing is amazing. I mean it... Like pure bliss. I feel so much more accomplished when I can wear her and still be able to move and get things done. I try to let her name in her crib as much as possible but with the reflux and spitting up she can't lay down right when she is done eating. So I throw on my wrap and bam I can do things until the next feeding. We have the other ergobaby carrier for when she gets older but this is more her speed for her current size. 

4Moms Mamaroo and RockaRoo
We decided to get both of these for separate rooms and I am so glad that we did. Charlee loves both of these and it is nice to have to carry them around the house everywhere. We have the rock n play in our room, the mamaroo in the living area, and the rockaroo in her room.  They all work different and she likes them all so I am very happy with all of these purchases. 

I love love love this travel system. The modern sleek design was perfect for what we were looking for. The three wheels makes it a smooth ride around the neighborhood and target.... I have been super impressed with this travel system.

These are all the items that we couldn't live without during the first month. Stay tuned for feeding items and a one month update. 

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