Postpartum Bod

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Dressing My Postpartum Hot Bod

How long is it acceptable to  use that term postpartum? Charlee turns three months old in a week (gasp!) and I'm still trying to figure out comfort in my skin. I know this comfort level looks different on everyone, but nine months of carrying a baby later I have grown to appreciate my body for what it is. My pregnancy was way different than I expected it to be. I gained 28lbs total and that includes the extra fluid at the end..... I have just come to accept the fact that I’ll always be tucking my loose skin into my pants when I sit down.  
Real talk.
I knew my body wouldn't be the same after pregnancy, but it was a reality check.  It is funny how much we don't think about postpartum during the pregnancy.. 
Over the weekend I finally, finally, finally put away my maternity clothes into their proper bins and found their place in the attic. I am not saying that there will be a next time but I also know how much maternity clothes are.
This weekend I also went through my clothes to see what I had and what I needed to purge. Loose fitting clothes are the way to go right now until
I can get this abdominal pooch gone. I purchased a lot of basics that I can interchange with each other. I purchased lots of flowy tops and more black than I would like to admit.
Here are a few ideas.... via Pinterest


Pregnancy is a such a beautiful change for your body that doesn't just stop when you have the baby. You have to learn how to love yourself after. These are just a few options until you get more comfortable in your own skin again.

Charlee Margaret | Two Months

Monday, March 20, 2017

I can hardly believe I am sitting here looking at another month of change and milestones.  Another month of life with sweet sweet Charlee.  Two whole months! I can tell you that time is flying and little girl changes daily.  Her birth seems like ages ago. So much has changed from her one month update

Charlee turned two months old last Friday - and we went in to visit Dr. White for a check up today.  We are weighing in at 9 pounds. We transitioned in to size 1 diapers in the past few weeks. Charlee fits into 0-3 month clothes but we are having to put 3 month pants on her because baby girl has some legs on her. 

Charlee at TWO months
Weight: 9  pounds  5 ounces 
Birth: 7 lbs 7 oz Last Month: 8 lbs 3 oz
Height: 23 1/4 in 
Birth: 19. in Last Month: 21 3/4 in

I've been trying to keep up with her milestones on my phone - and this month the list is long!  She's growing and changing so much each and every day.
The biggest news for our sweet girl- she started smiling and cooing. 

other things..
she is now exclusively formula fed // she slept 6 hours straight then went right back to her 5 hours // hit her first growth spurt( those things are a bitch)// slept in her crib at nap time // found her hands //

LOVES the mamaroo, her wubby,  sleeping, nursing, cuddling deep into my neck to sleep, her fur sisters, and her bath.

HATES the carseat. the booger sucker, and getting out of the bath. 

I am attempting to put a regular routine in place with Charlee. We have been working on one or quite some time but it is getting better. I know things will be changed up when I go back to work on the 27th. We found her a daycare that both J and I loved a lot. She will start half days on Monday so I can get use to taking her and she can get use to going. Plus this gives me time to do the last minute things that I need to do. Charlee is still pretty predictable. She wakes up about 7am will eat and then typically she will go back down until 10ish. She eats about every three to four hours during the day. Her naps depend on the time of day and if she is going through a growth spurt. She naps about three to four times a day taking a longer nap in the afternoon. Charlee gets a bath every night with Aveeno Excema Wash She has a little bit of it on her face and neck.  After her bath she takes a bottle and goes down between 9pm-10pm. 

Charlee is a pretty relaxed baby that goes with the flow. She likes to snuggle in her Ergobaby wrap and can sleep in that all day long. We have taken her to a few things in that and girlfriend loves it. She really only cries when she is hungry or has a gassy belly. She hoards her burps and that causes her tummy to hurt.

Charles is a snacker. Girlfriend goes between 2 and 4 oz at a time in a bottle. She went from breastmilk to formula at about one month. It was very frustrating for me but she had horrible reflux that would just cause her to scream for hours. She was getting food because I would pump and feed her the last few weeks. After we switched her to formula we went through several ones and after a lot of tears (from both of us) we finally found the right formula. Charlee is currently on the Similac Pro Sensitive. She does spit up a bunch but at least she keeps most of it down without screaming.  She is starting to get little quirks about her when she is feeding like grabbing her ear and looking around. 

P L A Y / D E V E L O P M E N T
Charlee has shown a taste of her little personality this month. She learned how to smile and coo. The first time she did it we were both caught off guard. Since that first time now that is all she wants to do. I love that she will carry on conversations with me now. If you can get her to lock eyes with you she is all about the smiles and chatting. Since she learned how to chat with everyone now she likes to complain and argue with you. She doesn't really cry as much as fuss at you to stop whatever you are doing and pay attention to her. Tummy time is the perfect example of this 'complaining'.  It is probably her least favorite thing to do.  She's great at lifting her head when we are holding her but overall during tummy time she tends to just relax with her head on the Boppy.  Charlee also is great at tracking and watching everyone. She can get a little overwhelmed when people get in her face but she relaxes pretty fast. 

Charlee sleeps about 5-6 hours a night. I put her down between 9-10pm and she sleeps until 2am. I think we need to talk to her doctor about tummy sleeping instead of back sleeping. Charlee has some reflux issues that tummy sleeping would probably solve but I want to get the okay from our doctor first. She sleeps in her rock and play in our room up until last night. We wanted to keep her closer for the first few weeks but now she big enough to go to her room. We got the Snuza monitor that clips on her diaper that we will be using every night. It alarms when it detects any breathing issues. 

Picture Dump

mastered the pouty lip

Charlee Margaret... Girl you are your momma and daddies world.  These two months have flown bye and we are thankful that we get to see you change each and every day. Keep up the smiles and coos baby girl. 

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