Friday Favs

Friday, April 28, 2017

Happy Friday! I am living on coffee and thoughts of the weekend today. I am so ready to sleep in a little tomorrow. I think that really means sleep 30 more minutes until Charlee realizes it is past her normal wake up time. 


This weekend is our local Taco Festival and it is heaven rolled up in a taco shell. They have everything from chicken to cheesecake tacos and it is amazing. I seriously can live off Mexican food so this is a dream come true.


We are so excited for our little home town hero OJ Howard to get drafted to the Tampa Buccaneers'. OJ will do great in his NFL and I am excited to see him stay a little closer to home. Congrats OJ! 

Ya'll I roll in daycare yesterday to pick up my babe and find out that she held her own bottle and rolled over yesterday. This mama was inches away from tears. My baby girl is growing up way to fast. I am not prepared for this!!!

I am currently in the process of relearning how to be happy with myself. So many life changes happen daily and I want to be happy with where I am at in live. Yes, I would like to make a lot more money and have a better relationship with people in my life but I don't. Part of life is being able to adapt and change and that's something I need to work on.


This recipe is on my to do list for this weekend. I love sweet summer salads around this time of the year. When you want to shed a few pounds and still have something yummy.

Have a great weekend...

Friday Favs

Friday, April 21, 2017

Happy Friday Everyone, 

I am thankful that another week has passed and it is time for another weekend. The weekends seem to go by way to fast and I hoping we can slow down and spend the weekend in our jammies relaxing. Monday is a holiday at my work so I hope to get a few extra snuggles with my Char Bear. 

One. This week has been a pretty rough one. Charlee had her first cold and ear infection. She has been pitiful and it breaks this mama's heart. She went to the doctor and was put on antibiotics and steroids so hopefully she will be feeling better by the end of the weekend. She has passed it on to me now and I am hoping to get some sleep in and kick my cold.

Two. Easter Candy!!! Enough said.... damn you easter bunny for bringing all this candy. I keep trying to get rid of it and more shows up.....

Three. I have about 50 emails in my inbox at work and I am just not feeling checking them... maybe they can wait until Tuesday...

Four. I need some ideas on what to do with my hair. I have wavy thick hair and it takes me forever to fix. Well with a three month old that is not possible anymore. So what to do.....

Five.  I need this shirt please!!

Have a super fantastic weekend.

3 Month Family Pictures

Monday, April 17, 2017

Yall this past Friday we took some three month family pictures of my love bug. She had a long day including going to the doctor for a weight check (more on that in a different post) and her first visit to the zoo. Here are the sneak peaks that we got back.... I am in love!

Aren't these the best!?!?

Easter Bunny 2017

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Easter has a whole new meaning this year. In previous year we did the normal go to church then visit with family. This year we will of course do the same things but now it is more. We have a sweet baby in tow and she has a basket that is filled with teething toys and bowls for her upcoming cereal exploring next month. Ekk where has the time gone. Charlee already had her picture with the Easter bunny a few weeks ago. 

This sweet angel didn't even make a pep... and she was hungry!! I can not wait until next year when she can hunt eggs and play with her Easter basket!! 

New Blog

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Welcome to the new blog design. I decided that it was time for a change since we really aren't Waiting for Three anymore. I am excited about the changes with life and I can't wait to share more with you guys on the blog now that life is getting semi normal again.

charlee margaret | three months

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It seems time has passed even quicker now than before.
 I wish harder and harder for time to slow down or stop it altogether but it somehow seems to speed up. Charlee continues to develop an change almost on a daily basis. 
One of my biggest focuses going into the newborn stage with Charlee
 was to cherish every moment as much as possible.
As a first time mom I felt like my main goal was just to survive. To be honest.. those early months are kind of blurry. Between the sleepless nights and colicky days I don't know how I did survive.   Now my goal is to enjoy each day & each night. To watch her grow and change daily.

We didn't have a well visit this month with her doctor but they  encourage  free weight checks if I wanted to just drop by.  We did this so we could watch her weight since she is a tiny babe.

Charlee at THREE months
Weight: 9 pounds 10 ounces
Birth: 7 lbs 7 oz

She is still a tiny baby but growing at a rapid rate.
This sweet one is filing out her 0-3 month clothes and still wearing size 1 diapers.

W H A T ' S N E W

We are all finally a happy baby.   Last month we were still working out the colic and reflux issues. This month she has completely mastered her baby grins and gummy smiles.  She smiles in response to anyone saying hello and talking to her in a sweet voice.   She also has started to respond to actions that she enjoys.
She LOVES to suck her wubba..and will grab her ears/hair now when she sucks her paci. 

her mamaroo - she naps in this swing at least once a day.  I am thankful for this love because it makes it easy to get things done around the house or taking care of work issues when she will sit contently in the swing // her wubba - the greatest form of self soothing ever.  // her hanging toys - this girl loves her play mat and to just be on the floor with toys above her to grab // her Mickey Mouse and My Little Pony - she loves to watch the colors and shapes on the screenr // bathtime, but hates the after bath rub down with lotion  // ergobaby holder - i just changed her from the wrap to the holder and she loves both of them. She like to snuggle and be close to me. 

her carseat - I don't see a end to this in the future. She hates sitting in her carseat and will cry until she realizes that it isn't getting her anywhere // being alone - she is the most social baby on the planet.

E A T 

Charlee remains on a pretty consistent schedule.  She sleeps, eats, and plays around the same time every day.  3-4 hours is normal, eating  7 times every day.  The usual 'scheduled' feedings: 6:30 -7:00  every morning when she wakes and then 9:30am, 12:30pm, 3:30pm,  6:30pm, 9pmish before going down for the night, then between 2-3am. Charlee got her first cold and ear infection this month which led to her not wanting to eat much. She is slowly getting her appetite back and we are hoping she will be back to normal soon. Big girl is trying to hold her own bottle.  Time slow down. 

 P L A Y / D E V E L O P M E N T

Charlee has gotten SO good at tummy time this month even though she absolutely hates it!  She will hold her head up and tolerate tummy time for longer than about a minute these days.  She will actually lay on her tummy for about 5-10 minutes before she's totally over it. Eye contact and focus has been another huge change this month.  She seems to be very aware of her surroundings and intently observes and takes in what she sees.  She follows whatever has her attention with her eyes and then proceeds to move her head to seek her interest after it has gotten out of her line of sight.  Her teachers at school say she is so noisy wanting to know who is always talking. She had become VERY vocal.  Anytime that I am sitting with Charlee in my lap and she is cooing, screeching, and cawing as I type.  She become pretty active and I have found her completely turned over on her activity mat several times! Speaking of turning over.. Charlee rolled over this month!  She rolled from back to tummy.. like it was no big deal!  I was SO excited about this! She hasn't rolled from her tummy to her back yet but that will be only a matter of time. 

Other developments..
She's basically stuffing her entire fist in her mouth.  I am pretty sure we are at the early stages of teething.  Her thrashing while she eating sometimes, the way she sucks hard on her thumb and pulls it out wincing in what seems like pain.. DROOL.  Often she will stop eating and stick her hand straight in her mouth. I am not totally convinced that we will see a tooth soon but at least the process has started.

-Blowing spit bubbles and playing with her tongue!  Did you know that spit bubbles is a developmental milestone?  I didn't either until I read it on my Wonder Weeks app.  She blows spit bubbles ALL the time. 

-She gets SO excited when she observes something she likes.  She flaps her arms and squeals with delight.  Its probably among my favorite moments of the day.  

-She bats at the hanging toys and will even shake her toys that make noise.  She has gotten really good at holding and grabbing toys. 

This girl is an okay sleeper. Sometimes her naps are 2 hours and other times they are 30 minutes. She naps about three of four times during the day/ night. She sleeps from about 9pm to about 3am. She wakes up to eat then goes right back asleep until about 6:30. I am totally okay with her getting up to eat since she is still a tiny baby. She is still sleeping in her crib unless she is super snotty the doctor said to let her sleep in the rock n sleep inclined up. She seems to sleep better in her own space but I feel better when she is sick knowing that she is right next to me. 

t h r e e month photo d u m p

Friday Favs

Friday, April 7, 2017


Oh sweet Friday how I long for this day. 
This morning we were on the struggle bus for real. 
Charlee is still working out her sleeping schedule and it changes by the day. Last night sweet girl wasn't feeling well so she napped for several hours before I put her to bed for the night. Slept most of the night only waking up a few times for a bottle and comfort. Since it is Friday here are my favs for the week.

One. Char Bear is going to her first tailgate/ Football game. In the SEC we are all about football and part of that is when the team breaks into two teams and plays each other. Well that game is Saturday and I can hardly wait to get that sweet baby ready for her first football game. Her daddy is lucky that his teams game is before mine.

Two. J's sister and her little boy are coming into town this weekend to see Charlee and we can't wait to take them to Auburn for football and lemonade. 

Three. I need some Easter ideas for Charlee's class. I mean what the hell do you get a bunch of infants 6 months and under. I don't want to give them something that they won't be able to use like candy. I need help people.....

Four. Ya'll the Thunderbird's are coming to our local Air Force base and we are so pumped to go to the show on Sunday. We purchase some infant ear muffs for Charlee that I can't wait to put on her. 

Five. Last November we did the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky as a getaway... well I of course had the best time ever getting to sample all the Bourbons and the views..... So we were talking about my 30th Birthday next year and of course I was quick to tell J that I wanted to relive this trip that we had a blast on. So if you have been to Kentucky please let me know your recommendations on place to go and things to see.

Going Back to Work | Finding the Balance

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thursday.  SO good to see you again.  After what seemed like a million cups of coffee.. 400 hours in the car and too many minutes away from my baby girl, I made it through my second week back at work. It is so much harder than I ever though possible to leave those sweet smiling gums everyday. 
I know I am not the first mother to leave her baby, and as I am sitting at the end of this week, I realized that it went by so quickly and it wasn't that bad. 
Don't get me wrong it was enjoyable and I miss her like crazy every day! 
I was able to be home with Charlee ten weeks straight.  Ten weeks of growth as a mother of my sweet girl.  
Ten weeks to spend nurturing my daughter during all wake hours of the day and lets be honest night too. Ten weeks that were so amazing but at the same time the hardest job I have ever done in my life.
E V E R.
I eased back into my working-mom-life slowly. I sent Charlee off to daycare the week before I went back full time for half days. I wanted to make sure that both her and I could make the transition and I wanted it to be easier 
for the both of us. I knew it was going to be hard to leave her that week I just wasn't aware that it would be as hard as it was. 
The Sunday before my first day back I grocery shopped, snuggled with her, and packed up everything for our crazy morning ahead. I knew it would be hard to get up, get myself ready, her up and dressed, then feed her.
Then off we went.....
I dropped Charlee off and said goodbye with tears in my eyes.
 My first day back to work was a whirlwind.  Back to back meetings and never ending phone calls.. and before I knew it It was time for me to load up to come home.
The next few days were tougher than the first.  I was busy playing catch-up, but just wanted to be home with my babe. It was just something that we would have to both get use too. 
Now it is a routine that we just do everyday. It's still not any easier.  I just know that I will miss a million cute things that she will do throughout the day but it comforts me to know
 that she still does a million cute things at home.
These last couple weeks have been overly-busy.  The weeks are flooding in, rolling by, and my days are running together with appointments, phone calls, text messages, work, meetings, and then to come home at the end of the day and play momma to my little precious bird.  That's just for the weeknights.  Leave it to the weekends to cram every breathing moment with 'something' to do.  Costco, date nights, social events, parties, playdates.. we sleep in there somewhere. I'm not really sure where.
This has been a balance I've had to learn as I go.  I struggle.  Some days I'm TERRIBLE at managing it.  I come home stressed out, tired, and unmotivated to do anything but unplug.  And then I realize what I am actually unplugging from. 
Still the biggest problem for me is sleeping and making sure that I am getting enough to not be that girl who fells asleep at her desk while working. I working on getting Charlee to sleep through the night and some days are way better than others. We are a work in progress.....
Balance is the key to a lot and we just have to find our perfect balance.

Filling the Easter Basket | Baby Edition

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Charlee is still too little for the typical Easter basket items like Peps and Chocolate so here
are a few ideas on what may be in or beside the Easter basket for the sweet little ones.

Of course sweet girl will get the few items that you can't have Easter without. Pajamas are a must for every holiday and Easter isn't any different.  This carter's pj set is totally adorable. It isn't Easter specific but the colors scream bright Easter love. Next on the list is a new Easter bow set.  This set is to die for with the sweet pastel colors. Our sweet baby is a drool bucket here lately and the possibility of her already teething has been talked about. This Nuby Teething Toy is perfect to sooth her gums. Charlee's neck muscles are getting stronger and stronger each and every day... which means she is so close to being able to sit up in the bumbo chair. I want to throw the Bumbo Tray Toy in her basket so it can entertain her when she is big enough to sit in it. Since swimsuit season is around the corner I plan to pick up this sweet Bathing Suit for her to sport in the pool. Once she gets tired of the pool we can put her in this Exersaucer under the patio to keep her happy while the adults enjoy some time in the pool. I am in the process of hosting a Matilda Jane Trunk show that I also want to grab a few times for her. You can also shop that show here and just pick my name so I can get credit. They have the most adorable women's and baby clothes just in time for whatever season it is. 

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