Friday Favs

Friday, April 7, 2017


Oh sweet Friday how I long for this day. 
This morning we were on the struggle bus for real. 
Charlee is still working out her sleeping schedule and it changes by the day. Last night sweet girl wasn't feeling well so she napped for several hours before I put her to bed for the night. Slept most of the night only waking up a few times for a bottle and comfort. Since it is Friday here are my favs for the week.

One. Char Bear is going to her first tailgate/ Football game. In the SEC we are all about football and part of that is when the team breaks into two teams and plays each other. Well that game is Saturday and I can hardly wait to get that sweet baby ready for her first football game. Her daddy is lucky that his teams game is before mine.

Two. J's sister and her little boy are coming into town this weekend to see Charlee and we can't wait to take them to Auburn for football and lemonade. 

Three. I need some Easter ideas for Charlee's class. I mean what the hell do you get a bunch of infants 6 months and under. I don't want to give them something that they won't be able to use like candy. I need help people.....

Four. Ya'll the Thunderbird's are coming to our local Air Force base and we are so pumped to go to the show on Sunday. We purchase some infant ear muffs for Charlee that I can't wait to put on her. 

Five. Last November we did the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky as a getaway... well I of course had the best time ever getting to sample all the Bourbons and the views..... So we were talking about my 30th Birthday next year and of course I was quick to tell J that I wanted to relive this trip that we had a blast on. So if you have been to Kentucky please let me know your recommendations on place to go and things to see.

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