Thursday Confessions

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Happy Thursday Everyone! I know that I was MIA this week.. Sorry! It has been so super busy lately. I am glad that I finally have time to breath and can catch you guys up on what has been going on lately. 

* My dad had a hip replacement yesterday and he is doing fantastic. I am so glad that he is doing well and already out of bed moving around. Now to get him to take it easy is another story. 
* I am so glad that it is a three day weekend this week and next week. #lovemystatejob

* I am addicted to Matilda Jane clothes for my child. They had a 50-70% off sale this week and I may have ordered 13 outfits... (insert emoji covering eyes) I can't help it the clothes are adorable and you could beat those prices. FYI I need some work clothes but I am to bust buying clothes for my child that I don't have the effort to look for me clothes.

* I am trying to decide if I want to cut my hair off or not... what do you guys think? I love when my hair is a shorter stack but that hair style went out like 5 years ago....

* I am in love with Southern Charm but still am not sure if I like the new one? I mean can you really replace Charleston?!?

* I had to cancel my girly doctor's appointment this week due to a scheduling conflict but I may have done the happy dance. Listen I love love my doctor but something about that appointment makes me have the bubbleguts.... I act like she didn't try to pull a baby out of it four months ago but still....

Anyway see you tomorrow for my Friday Favs.

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