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Thursday, June 29, 2017

If we were having coffee I would tell you.

- Charlee has slept thru the night for a week in a row now. Can I tell you how refreshing it feels to sleep a solid eight hours. I use eight hours loosely as I wake up a few time to look at the monitor and make sure she is okay. 

- I need some motivation for some healthy meals and getting back into the gym. I need to eat healthier to get some of this infertility and baby weight off. Chicken and veggies just aren't cutting it anymore. I love working out when I have time to do it but finding the time is the hard part. We gave up our gym membership when we moved and I started looking into gyms with child care but that just makes me nervous. 

- Since having a child I have realized that you don't buy anything for yourself anymore. All of your money goes to Matilda Jane and Carters! I started packing up her 3 month clothes and it is just sad. My baby is growing up way to fast. I promised myself that every month I will start buying me one piece of clothing. I need some basic work pieces that I can mix and match. 

- I am that crazy mom already planning her almost six month old's First birthday. I am so excited to see what I have planned to come to life. Gosh!!!

Now tell me what is new with you!

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