Four Month Favorties | Charlee

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Four Months have flown by and although we have been through a few bumps in the road our life is forever changed for the better. Charlee is the best baby ever and changing developmental everyday. Now that we are about a week away from five months I am gonna share a few of our favorite things right now. 

Fisher-Price Kick 'n Play Piano Gym: This gym seriously is one of her favorite things for the past few months. She just loves to be on the floor playing and moving around lately. Home girl puts her arms up and gets those feet under her but she can't fully get the crawling thing down. Thank god we still have some baby proofing to do. 

Graco 4Ever All in One Carseat: We are in the process of changing Charlee over to this car seat. She hates her newborn car seat because of how far back she sits. She likes to sit up and be able to see out the window and move around a little. I read a few articles about how newborn car seats can also make babies made because it increases there reflux. Something about how they sit in it can make it worse. 

Graco Blossom 4 in 1 Highchair: Charlee is now eating cereal and pureed fruit and veggies. I love how secure she is in this highchair. Every time I put her in this highchair I feel like she is safe and it is so eat to clean up so far.  It grows with her like the carseat too. That is awesome when you don't want to buy multiple different things. We just thought it would be smarter to buy one things than multiples. 

Baby Brezza Formula Pro: This has honestly been a life saver during the middle of the night feedings. I can wake up in my half asleep stumble to the kitchen hit the button and bam the bottle is ready. 

Evenflo ExerSaucer: We got this for Charlee on her First Easter and guys home girl loves this so much. She will sit and play with her Mickey on for a long time. Which is awesome for me to get dinner done or clothes washed. I love this thing!!

I can't believe that we are knocking on Five months doors.....

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