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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Since I have successfully kept a baby alive for 6ish months(go me) I wanted to take the time to share the items the items that we purchased that we couldn't live without and of course the items that we could have said bye Felicia too. I hope this post helps the new and expecting moms out there. 

Things we couldn't live without

Sweet Jesus pay the money and get this grace of god. It is amazing!! Spend the extra money and get the one that Auto rocks too! It puts your sweet baby that never sleeps to sleep so fast and amazingly. She slept in this until she was eight weeks old and we moved her to her crib. Then she would nap in it.... Seriously go buy this now! We finally kicked our to the curb last week because I found my child standing in it....

Charlee loves these pacifiers. She likes to hold the animals on the end. And from what I can tell she really likes to sleep with these since she can grab them from a pretty far distance. She can hold them and pop them in her mouth in a hot second. 

This is one of our favorite purchases that we use on a daily basis. She loves kicking and pulling at the toys. Since she sits up now we have been turning the piano and letting her sit on the mat and play with the piano. She likes the different options that she has with this mat. 


Both of these were life savers. The navy one we will still at least once a week and still love it. She goes straight to sleep when we put her in these. We used the wrap until she was about four months old then we switched to the carrier to give her a little bit more room. Plus she likes to see everything. 

This really was a great purchase. We got it when she was about seven weeks old and I ended up returning thinking that I did not need it. Then a few later I realized why did I do that and repurchased it. I am so glad that I did repurchase it and it saves you during night time feedings. It literally takes 20 seconds to make a bottle and comes out at the perfect temp for Charlee. She was kinda a diva wanted her bottles warm because of breastfeeding. 

This is by far the easiest playard that you will ever set up in your whole life. It is quick and easy. Gosh I just loving setting it up! 

Things that we should have said Bye Felicia too.

mamaroo and rockaroo

We totally should have saved the money on this and purchased a regular swing and bouncy seat. I think should would have liked those better than the mamaroo and rockaroo. Lesson learned expensive hype doesn't mean it is the best! I love there playard but that's about all from there line that I like. 

Breastfeeding Supplies
Listen Breastfeeding works for some and others it just doesn't. I live by the motto feed is best. It doesn't matter how and honestly it isn't anyone's business how you feed your baby as long as they are eating. I purchased all this stuff because I was gonna breastfeed and ended up having to give it away. I would say get the free pump that your insurance offers and maybe a few cold breast pads. Other than that wait!!! I spend hundreds of dollars on stuff that I couldn't even use!

Snuza Hero
This did not work for us. Charlee moved around a lot and it would never stay on her diaper. So it would go off in the middle of the night and scare the life out of you when you hear it going off at 2am. Just get a normal monitor!

Everyone has different things that work for them that don't work for others. I wish I would have read something like this when I was registering. Coming soon is a list of stuff that I would register for instead..... Maybe one day for baby #2.

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