charlee margaret | six months

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Charlee margaret | 6 months

Welp.  That was the fastest 182 days of my life.
  It literally feels like yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital. Here we are an entire half of a year gone by.  We are smack dab in the middle of her first summer. We are so close to her first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and then her First Birthday. 
Time you are the biggest thief ever!
Oh Charlee girl you are the sweetest, silliest, happiest, baby girl that I have ever been around. She is content playing by herself but loves when she catches you looking at her. She give you the biggest gummiest smile that you have ever seen. 

Charlee at SIX months
Weight: 12 pounds 7 ounce
Birth: 7 lbs 7 oz
Height: 24.5 in 
Birth: 19. in

Taking Charlee to the doctor each time that turned into quite the family outing. We love being able to talk to this girls doctor and realizing that she is quite ahead of herself in the smarts department. She is entirely to big for her britches and I wish she would slow down some. 
She has gained one pound since her four months check up which is moving in the right direction. She is still small and petite but what can we do about it. 

Dr. McNally gave her the once over and listened to her lungs, checked her ears, and stuck the stick down her throat- almost all clear!  We went in a couple days before because she was pulling at her ears a little and she did still have some fluid, but no infection.  So, we are glad that we are moving in the right direction.
She was impressed with her sitting ability, attentive demeanor and how calm she was while she checked her out.
We talked about beginning solids and Dr. M was on board with BLW and I am so excited to start.  This girl is ready and her mama is, too! She is eating purees but she is so interested in normal people food. 
I do plan to share my learning experiences along the way with this- so stay tuned!

  • Sitting.  She's almost perfected the seated position and will sit unassisted pretty well for several minutes while she plays.  Still a work in process, but she's got a really strong core, so it won't be long before she's able to do it all the time on her own.
  • Mickey is her homeboy.  She shouts, screeches, yells, giggles, stomps her feet, and makes the funniest outbursts at the television when he is on.  It really is so funny and so strange how quick these babes pick up on the glories of Mickey Mouse.
  • Speaking of giggles: she laughs all the time on a regular basis. She thinks people are so funny and is intrigued by the things people do. 
  • Loves to play.  She prefers to play either in her exersaucer or on the floor.  She LOVES tummy time!  She rolls all over the place to get to where she needs to go and plays with anything in arms reach. 
  • Recognition.  She definitely recognizes faces now.  She started this a little last month- but this month she knows and recognizes her people: Daddy, Momma, Bebe, PapPap, Ninnie, and PawPaw
  • She really loves her mama.  She likes her daddy pretty well, but when I walk in two her eye's line of view she gets so excited. Her gummy grin makes me laugh.
  • Reaching.  She's started reaching out to be held.  It is the sweetest.
  • Airplane.  She's not crawling yet but she will lift her whole chest, arms and head/neck off the floor and kick and scoot her legs like she wants to go somewhere. 
  •  She is still a social little girl and wants to be in the mix of everything all the time- so when we leave her sight of view she is noticeably upset, depending on what she's doing or her mood. 
  • Teething.  Still working on her two bottom teeth.  She is busting them both at the same time- and sweet girl is working them with her mouth, tongue, lips, and anything she can get her hands on to stick in her mouth.  You can see those teeth just barely under the gums.  Wont be long!  
  • She still totally digs the ergo.  I wear her any time we go out and she will snuggle in and snooze. 
  • She a big fan of her fingers and feet- if she can see her toes they are going in her mouth!
  • Bath time is her FAVORITE.  If she is fussy- which happens often in the evenings close to bed time, I stick her in the bathtub and her entire attitude changes.  She loves it!  I think once she's sitting up in the bathtub she will love it even more.
  • Diaper changes have become nearly impossible.. the moment you lay her over on her back she is hard pressed to flip herself over to her tummy.  
  • Baker is still in size 1 diapers- I just bought some size two diapers .Wearing some 0-3 months clothing still.. but growing into and fitting better in 3-6 months and 6 month Carter's clothes.

E A T 
3-4 hours is still the norm between feedings, eating 5 to 6 times every day.  We have been sort of all over the place because her wake times have not been very consistent- but here's the typical: 5-6am every morning when she wakes and then 9am, 1-2pm, 5pm, 8pm before going down for the night.  MOST of the time we hit this schedule pretty well- and for the most part I like the stick to it pretty strictly during the work days away .  So it keeps her on a good schedule and me, too!  I do want to mention that she rarely spits up these days which is such a relief.  I do think she really had a problem with reflux.   We started zantac twice a day two months go and we have seen a huge difference in her eating habits.
We will start solids this week- so I'm sure her eating schedule will tweak a bit then! I am reallllly excited about this!

P L A Y / D E V E L O P M E N T

The biggest change in this area is her consistency and improvement in last month's skills.  She can pick up her toys or objects and flips them over and back to see what it looks like from all sides.  Her balance has improved and she can sit for longer periods of time. Charlee definitely prefers being on her belly and has learned to maneuver herself from a wobbly sitting position to her tummy.  She can't stand to be in one place and being on her stomach allows her to barrel roll all over the place.  She is extremely curious and is constantly finding objects to play with. I purchased some new toys that will help her want to sit up and play with them. So far they are working and she is building core strength. Such a big girl....

We are still under mass confusion in this department.  Some nights she gives me every bit of 14 hours and other nights she's awake every two hours.  I have realized that I've created a monster of a bad habit in feeding or rocking her to sleep and not allowing her to self soothe.  For some reason this came to light when the nurse asked me if she self soothes to sleep..
um, no?
There is a combination of several things I think that wakes her at night.  She has been congested for what seems like forever.  She had a little bit of a cold..which has turned into this terrible cough..and then she started teething..coupled with this runny nose.    We have tried lots of things to get through the night with a decent nights sleep.  Bedtime is about 7:30pm.  Typically she will sleep until about  5am-6am and wake to eat .  This is a good night!   Lately she's been napping two solid naps during the day (depending on when she woke it is typically about 9:30-10am and around 1pm) and one cat nap late in the afternoon of 45 minutes around 4:30pm every day.
Most of the time we nap really great for 2 solid hours and then sometimes its just one hour.  Or even 30 minutes.  AND THEN occasionally I am fighting her for an hour just trying to get her to go to sleep for longer than 10 minutes.
The sleep struggles are real.
..and confusing.


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