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Monday, July 31, 2017

Happy Monday! Where did this weekend go? Seriously it was just Monday....
Since the weekend is over and it is time to actually dress Charlee in clothes instead of pajamas I wanted to share some of our favorite bow companies. We have a serious bow addiction over here. We get two monthly subscriptions and also purchase from a few etsy shops here and there. I am trying to get both nylon headbands and clips so we can wear both then I will eventually change them all to clips. 

Monthly Subscriptions

Every month we get a pretty purple package from Purple Rose Bows. They have three fantastic bows that usually go with whatever holiday is coming up. This month they threw in some pineapples and good bold summer colors. I love this since summer is almost over we can throw together some nice last minute summer outfits.  Purple Rose Bows has graciously offered my readers a coupon code. Enter SOUTHERNCHARM25 for 25% off your first month of bows.

Every month we also get another package from Little Poppy Co. They are another great subscription. We get three bows sent right to our door that we can wear all year long. They usually throw in some festive bows to match whatever holiday is right around the corner. Make sure if you sign up to follow the link above for my referral link. 

Etsy Shops

Shelby Chic Boutique is a favorite of mine. You guys know that I am all about the sparkle and her bows..... Guys they are to die for. They range from neutral to bold colors and man oh man they sparkle. I am hoping to get my hands on one of everything! Plus she has top knots in her shop and well I may have to start getting one a week. J shouldn't notice just one right?

I love sparkles but my second fav will forever be bold bright colors. Man do I not love some highlighter pink and orange... These fabric bows from lil ama are to die for. They are so adorable and this is anther shop that I would buy out. Her watermelon and strawberry bows would be great for summer parties. 

The last bow shop that I gush over is Elii Nik. These bows are absolutely adorable. The felt flowers are to die for. I love the sweet color combos and can believe that I don't have one of everything. 

What are your favorite bow shops or subscriptions? 

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