Making Time For Yourself As A Mother

Thursday, August 31, 2017

"Why do women always put ourselves last? You think you're doing the selfless thing by putting everyone else first, you're actually sabotaging all your efforts by refusing to take time to fill your tank. You can't draw water from an empty well."  Emily Ley 

  I will be the first one to admit I don't spend as much time on me as I need too. I know this and reading this book Grace, Not Perfection really helped me understand that I do need to step back and take some time for me.I am a mother, I work full time, my husband works crazy hours including nights but you know what I still need to do things for me and only me. So what if someone has to watch Charlee for a hour for me to go get a pedicure or shopping. 

  When I became a mom I promised myself that I would not forget about myself but that quickly vanished when it came down to everyday life. I worked, I cooked, I cleaned, and by the end of everything I was to darn tired to do anything else for me. Part of me felt guilty that I worked so hard for this baby how could I not spend every hour of every day with her. But what I soon realized that one or two hours a week wasn't going to change the way that this sweet angel looked at me. I'm still her mommy and I will still do everything I can to protect and love her. One hour with her spending time with her grandma or friends wasn't going to do anything. That was one hour that I got to decompress, remove stress, and miss the stew out of her. Which makes coming home that much better for the both of us. She missed me and I missed her but most importantly I cleared my head where I can be a better mother to her. 

  There are simple things that you can do at home to relax and have time for yourself. Take a bubble bath, read a book, have a glass of wine while watching your favorite reality tv show, and the list goes on. Just spend time with yourself. Your partner and child will be fine for one or two hours. 

How do you spend your time to yourself?

Friday Favs

Friday, August 25, 2017

it's finally FRIDAY! Charbear was up bright and early this morning. Which is probably why I am going on day three of dry shampoo. I should probably take care of that this weekend at some point. She is still fighting her little viral cold so sleep is not her favorite right now. Thank you daycare! Our weekend plans consist of a all day driving trip to eat dinner with J's uncle for his birthday and a trip back that same day.
One. To make Charlee's Birthday cake for her first birthday is no longer in business. This was very sudden and she didn't let me know about it before she just closed. Yeah I panicked when I went to go get a cake for J's birthday a few weeks ago and she was just gone. Vanished in to thin air... After a lot of tears and frecking out I finally found someone else who is able to make my dreams come true. Yes, I know that I have five months before it is time for that but those five months are going to fly by. Speaking of that I am happy to announce that Charlee is now 13lbs 10oz. I will be doing another post on that but I am so happy that my girl is finally gaining some weight.
Two. We hosted our monthly supper club at our house last weekend. Even though I did not get any pictures of anything I was so excited that we finally decorated at least one room in the new house that we have been in for ten months. We are completely changing the style of the stuff in our home. Before we moved in to this house most of our stuff just didn't have a theme. It was just bunch of stuff that we liked. Well now that we have our forever home I know that I want stuff to be more put together. So we tackling this project one room at a time. I think I want to make it a monthly thing. We redo one room a month. We are working on the dinning room right now and I am loving the progress. I will do a whole post showing you guys everything in there so get super pumped.
Three. Rodan and Fields. Guys my sister in Law just joined to be a rep. I of course have heard about it before but I don't know if I can bite the bullet and spend that much on it. I want here your stories and reviews on it before I purchase it? I have so many issues with my skin and it is so sensitive that I don't want to waste money on a product that won't work. Thoughts?!?
Four. Guys Zulily has been on point lately with there kids clothes. I was able to get Charlee 9 outfits for next year to wear to daycare for 35.00. I mean total outfits pants and shirts. I am so excited. They had a bunch of stuff marked down to 4.99. That's my kind of deal on daycare wear. I still like her to look cute when she goes but don't want to freak if she ruins a outfit. I mean she is a kid and she should be allowed to play and run around like the other kids. I won't be upset if she stains a adorable 4.99 outfit! Plus side note I scored a activity table for 30 something dollars that was even 80 on amazon for Christmas.

Five. So two weeks ago I gave my self a concussion. Yeah yeah I know. I was closing the trunk door when J went to talk to me and I turned his way and bam. I saw black dots everywhere and here we are two weeks later and the headaches are still there. I waited a few days before going to the doctor thinking maybe it would just go away. I am also still getting dizzy and nauseous. We are hoping that everything goes back to normal soon!! I go back to the doctor in a week to see if we need to do radiology procedures or not. Hopefully not!
Have a great weekend! Do you have any plans?

Life Lately

Thursday, August 24, 2017

I'm sorry that it has been forever since I have been on the blog. Life has gotten super busy and I had to take a little break from the blog. Charlee learns something new every day and I try to soak up ever second I have with her. She has another viral cold that she is fight now but we are hoping that she will be healthier going to school and build a little immunity to them. Baby girl is a whole seven months old and I don't know where time is going. In two short weeks she will eight months and thinking about that has this momma in tears. 

// So what is new with us lately. J left the doctor's office that he was at and now works in the Emergency Dept for our local trauma hospital. He works a lot of crazy hours and we don't see him until late at night but we have hopes that this will change one day. It sucks for nights that I am at home alone taking care of Charlee but it is what is best for us right now. He misses her like crazy but they facetime before bed every night. It is the cutest thing ever.

// Charlee is none stop. The girl learned how to crawl and pull up on things both in a few days. She has gotten fast with the crawling and can almost beat me to whatever she has set her sights on. 

// My job has been super demanding right now and is so busy that by the time I get home I am ready to crash. I hope that everything slows down soon. 

I hope to be back tomorrow for my favorites!!
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