Monday, September 18, 2017

Happy Monday Friends! We had a great weekend full of friends, family, and way to many adult beverages. This weekend we attended the first of four balls of the season. I am a member of this society and had the opportunity to invite some friends that we haven't seen in quite some time. We all had our makeup and hair done and dressed in fancy formal wear for a evening. 


After getting hair and makeup done it was time to get in our dresses, eat, then dance the night away. 

My dress this year was a rent the runway. To be 100% honest it was so uncomfortable but at the same time it was different and I loved not having go to 50 places to find a dress. I am really worried about it fitting but it turn out to be perfect. Out of five people I was the only one able to wear the dress that they rented. One was totally see through, one zipper was broke, and two girls were not able to fit theirs. It was so a stressful experience not to know how the dress would turn out and I am still not sure if I would rent again. 

Overall it was a fun night out and we had a blast just hanging out. How was your weekend?

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