Life Lately | Hallows Eve

Monday, October 30, 2017

Ahhhhh! It's officially Hallows Eve. Ya'll Halloween is my jam. Things have been a little crazy over here. Here are a few things that are going on over here....

~ Charlee had tubes put in Friday and since then she hasn't slept well. Her appetite  has increased a lotttt but her sleeping has decreased a lot. She is fighting going to sleep and waking up earlier. I have no idea if it is the 8-10 month sleep regression or the trauma of having surgery and waking up in pain with out momma or daddy there. Either way this girl better be glad that she is cute. 

~ I am knee deep in planning Charlee's Birthday and Church Dedication. Charlee's birthday will be on a saturday and her church dedication will be the next day. So lets just say lots of cake and lots of celebrating. 

~ I have another rent the runway ball gown coming next weekend and I am so excited to get all glammed up. This ball will be a girls night.. we are all leaving the husbands at home to party it up mom style. 

~ We have decided since J has to work on Thanksgiving day to host Thanksgiving eve at our house. I am so excited to host Thanksgiving two years in a row. I love hosting parties and having people over. 

~ I have a Matilda Jane show opening Friday night and I am so excited!!! I love helping people shop and purchase these adorable clothes. 

Whats going on with y'all?

Friday Favs

Friday, October 20, 2017

Happy Friday Everyone! This week has been rough in our house. Colds and ear infections all around.... Well now that the week is over and we are now on the up and up here are some Friday Favs.

One. Today we have a full day of doctor's visits, haircuts, but the best is last. We are going to zoo boo at our local zoo. I am so excited to take Charlee to see all the animals and play in the pumpkins. She is gonna have a blast!! 

Two. Speaking of pumpkins... as long as J is feeling better we will be taking a 30 minute drive to the pumpkin patch Saturday. It is going to be so much fun to see the excitement in Charlee's eyes. I sure do love this time of year. 

Three. If you have been around my blog for some time that you know that I am a member of a ladies mystic society in my town. It is a hard thing to get into but once you do you meet the great group of women. It is fantasic for networking and getting to meet new women. Well this past we I had the great honor of being nominated to be on the board. I am so excited to take on new responsibilities and work up the board to maybe one day being queen. 

Four.  This weekend we are adding soup to the menu since it has actually been in the 70s. I want to try a new soup recipe every week and I think this week maybe a nice tomato basil with grilled cheese. If you have any soup recipe that you love please share. 

Five. Fall nails are in the air. I am loving these colors. 

Do you have any plans for this weekend?

Bucket List | Fall Edition

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

October is here and is steadily passing us by. Every year I say that I am going to slow down and take in the Fall season but then every year life gets away from me. Well this year I really mean it. Part of the delay maybe that it is finally under 90 degrees here in Alabama. Even though we are back up to mid-eighties next week we are taking advantage of the temperatures this weekend. I decided to build the perfect FALL bucket list.

take a hay ride.

visit a pumpkin patch or more..

watch “its the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”

carve a pumpkin.

..and roast the seeds.

try a new soup or chili recipe once a week!

dip apples into caramel and other yummy stuff.

burn the yummiest fall candles I can find.

bake pumpkin bread and muffins.

go to a fall festival.

paint pumpkins + gourds.

dress our best for Halloween

go to the neighborhood trunk or treat

make a ‘thankful for’ list.

donate to the food pantry in preparation for Thanksgiving.

make pumpkin spice pancakes.

decorate our porch with mums and pumpkins.

bake a turkey.

stuff our bellies with turkey

Host our annual Thanksgiving lunch

Wear boots or booties once a week

Do you have anything fun on your Fall Bucket List?

Friday Favs

Friday, October 13, 2017

Hello Friends! I am so sorry for being away so long. Things have been crazy business at work and we still do not have internet. I work on blog post a lot at work at break and have been unavble to do that. So here we are Thursday night after Charlee's bedtime I am sitting on the couch watching tv and catching up on a post. I feel so bad for my lack of post here but I am getting it better. So here are my Five Favorites for Friday. 

One. Happy Friday the 13th!! All things creepy happen today..... And only two weeks before Halloween..... 

Two. Fall is my favorite time of the year and part of getting in the spirit is candles!!! I love fall candles and Bath and Body works are the best. I racked up when they were buy two for $24.00 a few weeks ago. 

Three. I have been fighting a cold for about a week not but as of yesterday it turned into a lot more than a cold. I now have a horrible cough and had to get put on antibotics and steroids. I am hoping this kicks this cold and I start feeling better soon. 

Four. Speaking of being sick Charlee also had to take trip to the doctor this week for being sick. Her eyes were draining really bad and she got clingy like she always does when she doesn't feel good. Well after a quick looked over Charlee has a double ear infection. We left with a precription and a ENT referral. We are having a consult for tubes and hope that this helps baby girl out. She hasn't gone a month yet without having at least one ear infection. 

Five. All of my Halloween decorations had to come inside this past weekend thanks to Nate. So I have to take the time this weekend to put all the outside decorations back out. Halloween is my favorite so this has to be done by the end of the weekend if the weather would just chill out. 

Checking In

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Hey guys. Sorry that I have been MIA lately. We had a ransom wear attack at work where pretty much ever thing was taken and we could not even log on our computer. We will just say that it has been a rough month. Things have been moving right along with Charlee and she is growing more and more every day. I will be sharing a nine month update on her next week so show you guys just how big she is. 
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