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Sunday, November 19, 2017

It's finally Thanksgiving week. I apolgize for my abscense lately.  This season of life has gotten so busy and it seems  as though time as slipped right by. If we were having coffee I would share....

*J is working so much right now and I am having to do a lot more myself than normal. He works crazy hours and I am by myself most nights until 3am. He will be out of the Emergency Room December 12 and will start a normal Monday thru Friday 8 to 5 job. I am so thankful this closer and closer. He is only off a handful of days now so we try to take advantage of them and spend time together as a family. 

* Charlee's 1st birthday party planning is in full swing. I just go her invites back from the printer yesterday and I am in total love with how they turned out.   So much personally in such a tiny baby.

* The day after Charlee's 1st birthday she is getting baptized so those came back yesterday too. I am crushing over all the rose gold, pale pink, and white!!! OMG! 

* I put up our Christmas tree Friday night after Charlee went to bed. It is so pretty. This year we splurged and got a new Martha Stewart tree from Home Depot. It is 9 feet of glitter, fake snow, and pine cones. So pretty! 

* Making my Christmas list was so much harder this year than the previous years. I am having a hard time seperating things for me and everything for Char. I did ask for a bar necklace with her name on it. So pretty! 

* I am on the lookout for some new Pinterest meals. I am trying to make one new meal a week. We are getting to were we eat the same thing over and over. If I left it up to J we would eat Mississippi Mud Roast everyday. I love it just not that much. 

* Wednesday I am cooking two desserts and about six sides for everyone to come over and have Thanksgiving at our house. J has to work all day Thanksgiving so we are celebrating on Wednesday night.

What has been up with you guys??

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