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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Ya’ll this mama is front row center on the struggle bus. I have not recovered from Thanksgiving and sleep loss (hello ten month sleep regression). #yourawitchwithacapitalb Since Christmas will be here in just a few short weeks I wanted to talk to you about Charlee’s Christmas List. I started shopping for her months ago because she was getting to the age where she was kind of done with her baby toys and need more challenging toys to help her learn and develop more. I settled on a few big gifts and some smaller ones that we can take in the car or on trips.

Vtech Sit to Stand Alphabet Train: This is a great toy that teaches them the alphabet and they can use it as a walker. Char loves to use her walker all over the house so this will be a great toy that we should be about to get a lot of use out of.

Leapfrog Shapes and sharing picnicBasket: When I first started looking at Christmas this popped up several times as one of the best gifts to get little babes. It teaches them sorting and stacking skills just to name a few things. I can’t wait to see her carrying this around the house.

Vtech Turn and Learn Driver: Char loves to get out of her car seat and pretend to drive when we stop anywhere. Let’s be honest she loves to not be in her car seat at all. I thought this may be a good alternative to take in the car to maybe pretend play on when she gets turned around later.

Little Tikes Light 'n Go Activity Garden Treehouse: This is a great toy that Charlee can use for along time. It has lights and music which guarantees at least twenty minutes of play until she gets distracted by something else.

4 in 1 Stroll and Trike: I don't know who will be more excited about this me or Charlee. We like taking strolls in the neighborhood but it sucks getting the stroller out and her being strapped in laying reclining. Big girl likes to look out and see the world around her so she should love this. And it later will convert in to a trike for her. 

Of course we are getting her a few smaller presents. She loves puzzles and remotes/cell phones. I can't wait until Christmas gets here!!! What you are getting your babies?

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