charlee margaret | 12 months

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

we made it a whole year!  
still in disbelief and in a total coma after our fun family celebration! its amazing how much this little charbear brings to our family, and although we definitely want another, if the Lord doesn’t bless us in that way, this little girl completes our family  perfectly.  and she’s awesome.


Charlee has a handful or more of words that she says. Momma, Dadda, Hey, Hi, Bye, Good, Yeah, and No.

She’s so quick to move from one place to another.. she rarely wants to be held these days, and fights until she has broken free of whoever is holding her. Charlee's walking has turned more into a run over the past few weeks. She is fast and keeps up with everyone for the most part. Little girl doesn't like to be left out. She will book it behind you so she can see whatever you are doing. 

LOVES to sit in my lap.  when I am sitting on the floor, she will get about a foot from me and then turn around and back herself up until she hits my legs and then plop right down.  it puts me into giggles every time.

she loves to dance and will dance to even the shortest tune. This girl added the bending of the knee booty movements this month with her dancing. It is so Hilarious to watch. She also recently added bopping her head back and forth with the music. It is cracks me up. 

This girl really is smart and picks up everything that you are doing. She watches and has figured out a lot of things that most kids her age doesn't. 

she has this FUNNY fake laugh and cough.  she does it when she’s looking for some attention. If you say oh no charlee are you sick??? She covers her mouth with her hand and  coughs. It is the cutest thing ever. 

She has the silliest personality. When she likes something she claps and squeals in excitement. She likes all the attention being on her. She gets even more giddy when people are watching and paying attention to her. 

Charlee loves her little school mates and playing all day with them. She plays so well with other kids and loves to share already. 

She just moved to size three diapers and wear 9-12m clothes. Some 12m pants for length.


last week I thought for sure Charlee was going to be done with bottles. But when we got to her 12m well visit he weight was the same as the previous month. We decided to move her to the toddler formula in addition to meals.  she is only taking about 4 bottles during the day and I have been sitting her in her highchair to eat three meals.  trying to get her acclimated for when we do toss the bottles for good.  I have learned that with Char, she has to be focused to eat- table food or bottle.  I cant just plop her down for a bottle in the middle of active playtime. I have to completely remove her from everything and offer it and she will usually take it and suck down the entire eight ounces.  same with the table food.  if she is tired or distracted she has a really hard time with it. 

daily feeding/solids schedule:

 6:30 am: 6oz toddler formula
7:30 am: breakfast (cinnamon toast and yogurt)
9:30 am toddler formula
11:30 am: lunch (whatever daycare feeds her)
2:30 pm Toddler formula
3:30pm: snack (puffs + yogurt melts + fruit + granola bar)
6pm: dinner (protein + starch + vegetable + yogurt)
7pm: bath
7:30pm: bed + toddler formula

Charlee is so hard to feed. She is starting to become picky and has texture issues with some foods. I continue to offer her the same foods over and over in hopes that she will get over the texture problems. This girl loves guac and taco bell is the way to her heart. She only eats when she is hungry and the other half of the time she is running none stop. 


We have been on the struggle bus lately with sleep thanks to teething and being sick but I think we may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Part of it is she needs to cry it and re-sleep train herself. She was getting herself in the habit of waking up so I would come in there and comfort her but a few nights of crying for a few minutes and she was back to sleeping again. 

Typical sleep Routine
wake: 6:30am: Get ready for school and bottle
nap #1: 9:00 - 10:00
nap #2: 1:00pm-2:30-3pm 
bedtime: 7:30pm
we are still taking 2 naps and don’t see that changing anytime soon. Even though Dr. M said we needed to drop that first nap by 15 months.

P L A Y / D E V E L O P M E N T

she’s growing and developing SO QUICKLY!  she picks up on many things that the big kids in her class do, so its easy to understand. she is really into baby dolls right now.  We got Charlee her very own baby doll for Christmas.  she takes care of that baby non-stop!  giving it the paci, burping it, and feeding it the bottle. she is also starting to acknowledge babies in pictures and on the television!  so sweet.  
she points at everything. she started to point out family members and friends in pictures and if you ask her where someone is she will look in that direction and respond with a grunt or the cutest cooing should.  along with the handful of words she puts on repeat, she is communicating much more this month.  understanding that nodding her head yes or no will get our attention to know what exactly she wants/needs.  she also really lets you know when she is hungry or thirsty. 
She also have figured out that she can get different answers from different people. She knows that her BB won't say no to any request of hers. While mommy and daddy would usually say no way to something. 

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