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Monday, January 29, 2018

Happy Monday!  If we were having coffee together, here's what I would share... 

J was able to come home from the hospital Friday afternoon. It has been so nice to have him home after five days of being a solo mom. He was so happy to be at home and just rest without someone coming to check his vitals every two hours. We still don't know a full diagnosis and have no idea what is really going on but we are happy to have him home. This weekend we just hung out and caught up on tv shows.

For Christmas I asked for a Jay and Jewels bar necklace. Well I am in love with it and now want a name and initial necklace. The quality is amazing and you can personalize your necklace to what you like. 

I am on a Freezer meals kick here lately. I have been searching the internet and pinterest for recipes that I can make ahead and just dump in the crockpot. Since having Charlee I want to spend more of my time in the evenings with her and less worrying about dinner. I think next time she goes to grandma's house I am gonna do a major haul and get lots of dinners in the freezer.

I purchased this tee from Target last week and I am going back online to order one in every color. I love the fit and how it doesn't cling to my body. I dressed it up with black dress pants and a long necklace.  

Since we did have so much couch time this weekend I started looking and planning a beach trip for this summer. I really want to take Charlee so she can see what it is all about. Her momma is a total beach bum and I hope that she is too. Daddy hates the beach but two overpower his one. 

                               I wish you lots of coffee and good days this morning!

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