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Friday, January 26, 2018

Happy Friday!  I can't believe this week has already come and gone. This means that it is time for another weekend and another Five on Friday! 

One. Please stop everything that you are doing and say a prayer for this family today. They having to say goodbye to this sweet little girl. She has fought a long hard battle and had some recent setbacks that she hasn't been able to recover from. This little girl is so precious and so brave. If you would like to give to this family you can find the go fund me here.

Two. Speaking of prayers... we need a little headed our way too. J was admitted to the hospital Monday with some viral issues. He does not have a spleen which is most of your immune system and being a Nurse Practitioner in the hospital is very dangerous for him. They are thinking that he caught a virus from a sick child in the er and how he is having a lot of medical issues. The also found a mass in his pancreas that we will have to deal with after the virus is taken care of. 

Three. I turned the big 3-0 Saturday. Even though J was sick he surprised me with a nice couples massage and lunch just the two of us. That was perfect and we meet up with some friends for a dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. It was the perfect low key 30th Birthday. I even got to take a nap on the couch with Charbear. 

Four. I have been reading a book lately called The Magic of Motherhood. This book yall.. I am having a hard time lately realizing that motherhood is about giving yourself grace. It so far is teaching me to relax and enjoy each season that we are going through. With all these poor children having health problems I have been on edge and sad that something like that may happen to us one day. It just breaks my heart that the thing we worked the hardest for may be taken away one day... It just scares me!

Five. Yall Char has done so well with sleep this week. I am so excited that we are finally getting back on track with that. She had a cold then started teething so sleep.... well didn't happen. It took a few nights of crying before we got back on track. I am starting to maybe see the light at the end of the tunnelllllll.

Have a great weekend loves!


  1. Happy Late Birthday! I celebrated mine on the same day and had such a lowkey day too. These days, an early bedtime sounds far more fun than a night out hahaha.

    1. Amen. I have become such a home body thanks to baby girl...

  2. Prayer for that family. Prayers for your family as well. I hope the mass is nothing to worry over. Becoming a mother makes you a little like a crazed animal - I have two children, I know. Don't give into fears, sweetie.


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