Ten Things I've Learned Since Becoming a Mom

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Now that Charlee's First Birthday has come and gone I thought that I would share a few things about motherhood that she has taught me throughout this first year. 

1. No matter how much you want it you will never have that carefree feeling again. It doesn't matter how much fun you have in a situation you will not ever be able to totally stop thinking about your baby. You could have grandma keep the baby who raised 13 kids you still won't drop your role as a mom. The carefree feeling goes out the door as soon as you see those two solid lines.  Taking care of a living, breathing person—one you love more than anything in the world is the biggest job you’ll ever have and there are always things to worry about and always responsibilities to jump on as soon as that babysitter touches the door to walk out.

2. You can read every book in the world and you still won't know that the hell you are doing. I read a million.... I knew my birth plan, my feeding schedule, and how I wanted my baby sleep at night. Yeah lets just say everything changed as soon as I walked through those double doors at the hospital. My birth ended up in a csection, she ended up being formula feed, and she slept in a rock n play in our room for eight weeks. In most people mother’s intuition kicks in and your baby will survive from having an inexperienced caretaker, I promise. 

3. You will never leave the house with hand sanitizer and baby wipes. I now keep both of these in my car in a bag. Germs are everywhere and you will go through about 1 million baby wipes in the first six months. I also keep a extra change of clothes, a blanket, and Motrin in the car too. I can remember when Charlee didn't feel good she projectile vomited on me and her while we were eating. I was covered in vomit. We both went to the car and stripped of all our clothes. I sat in the back seat covered in the blanket stripped down to undies and a bra. That was a interesting ride home.....

4. Sleep deprivation doesn’t end EVER. I didn’t realize I would remain sleep deprived even after Charlee started sleeping 12 hours straight at night. But the truth is, when she goes to bed at about 7:30pm, that’s when I finally get to do some things around the house. Or make dinner. Or work on this blog. Or you know, just have a real moment to myself. There’s so much I want to get done in that short window of time between his bedtime and my bedtime. But you know what I’ve also learned? How to cover up those dark circles and how to survive on little sleep. Or atleast try to survive...

5. Experiences and holidays are so much better now. Children bring a joy to your heart that you never even knew you lacked. Now I love doing things to see the joy and excitement on Charlee's face. She gets excited and you can tell that it takes up her whole body with excitement. Holidays make you happy because they are happy.....

6. You will look at your spouse in a new light. I love the look at Charlee's face when she hears the alarm beep and J walks through the door. She excitement and his excitement because she is excited... Oh it melts my heart in a thousand pieces.

7. You never expect things to go perfect again. Listen having a child is the best thing ever. You get them and yourself on a schedule. You get the moons aligned and just like they get sick or a sleep regression happens and your whole world comes crushing down. You did all this work of letting them cry it out for nothing. Just to do it again and then your heart breaks again....

8. Don't ever think that you can get out of the house on time ever again. You need to tell yourself ten minutes earlier and then you may get somewhere on time. When Charlee was a baby we would be about thirty minutes behind now we have knocked about twenty minutes off that time. Just because you have to change her and yourself about three times.... and of course the bow and shoes add so much extra time.

9. You will learn that you have many new superpowers that you didn't know you had before. You can multitasking like a crazy person. You never knew that you could feed the baby while doing your hair and makeup while making a dr's appt. You will learn to function on just the right amount of sleep... aka none! You can hear the child from a mile away. You know when the last time the had a bottle and pooped but you can't remember the last time that you ate.  Oh the joys! 

10. That life will never be the same. But in the most amazing of ways. Yes, it’s hard. Really freaking hard! But that child will bring the most joy and real purpose into your life. What used to be fun doesn’t sound fun anymore because your life has changed and you’re in a new season of life. Your heart will love in a way that you didn’t know it could. You’ll feel prouder than ever before… of your child and of yourself for creating such a splendid tiny person. And if you’re like me, you’ll be absolutely terrified to ever have more children because you know it will all get exponentially harder when you do, but at the same time, you really just want eight more kids because your heart feels so full it could burst and that scares the shit out of you because you didn't know such a tiny person could bring that much joy to your heart. 

What have you learned?

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