charlee margaret | 13 months

Sunday, February 11, 2018

thirteen months old!! I feel like we just celebrated her birthday.
she’s growing like a weed.. but she is still our tiny petite baby. her walking has turned into running.  

charlee is on the move and constantly having some place to be or go or see.  
 moving herself around as she pleases.  the personality spewing from this little girls face and demeanor is absolutely hilarious and kinda frightening.  terrifying actually.  she is already sassing everyone around her until she gets what she wants when she wants it. 
I cant imagine where she picked that up from.

Charlee Margaret
continues to be the sweetest little girl and gives the best hugs.
..her demeanor is beyond anything I can describe in words.
..she loves loves loves her baby dolls.  
..the light up of her face when you hand her the baby is like outrageously cute.
LOVES her wubba.
 grunts at the pantry or fridge if she wants a drink or snack.
she is so inpatient.
..and then she’ll slap you square in the nose.
..all while she laughs until tears are running down her face.
Charlee sleeping has been hit or miss.
 She has been working on getting those two top teeth. 
We will just say It's been ROUGH.
We are working on dropping that first nap and moving down to just one. 
She is still a hit or miss eater. She loves food but only wants to eat when she wants too.
..particularly piggy when she eats guacamole or yogurt. 
..will choose the veggies or fruit on her plate before touching the meat.
..unless its chicken.  
currently cutting her third and fourth tooth. 
..but you wouldn’t even know it, unless its 2am and she’s screaming her head off. 
she loves to be outside. 
..she would stay outside for the day’s entirety if I allowed it.
she also loves loves loves to dance.  
..she shakes her little bootie at any sign or sound of music or a beat.  
I cant even explain how hilarious her dancing is.. 
..its like the deepest/lowest squat and then back up. squat and pop.  squat and pop.   
I’m telling you.  nut job. 
she has a serious ‘tude at times..
..its hilarious and cute now, but I am actually terrified for what the next year will bring.
purses, scarves, bracelets, and necklaces..
..just a few of her favorite things.
Her laugh is absolutely contagious.
..her smile is super cheese-y.
..puts perfection to shame with her ridiculous CRAZY curly hair.
..and her eyes are the most beautiful in the sunlight.

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