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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Happy Tuesday Guys. I thought that I would share a day in the life of a boring paralegal. I work a government agency that prosecutes criminals. We handle cases from one extreme to the other. Tickets to murders...

My day starts at 5:30 when my alarm goes off. I am the first one to wake up everyday so I can get myself ready for Charlee wakes up for the day. I shower, get dressed, do my hair and makeup, and wake her up for the day. 

I make her bottle and my cup of coffee about 6:30. She drinks her bottle while watching Doc McStuffin. I get the furbabies outside and feed. Then enjoy my coffee while finishing up the last few things before heading out the door at 7am. 


Charlee and I head out at 7 so I can drop her off at school before I have to be at work at 8am. I usually stick her in highchair with her oatmeal square and sign her in. She eats her breakfast while I unpack her bottles and tell her bye. I head 10 minutes down the road to work. 

Since I get here early usually I opened the front this morning. I am usually the person that they call when no one is available to get there in time. I head back to my desk around 9 and turn on the Marvelous Moms podcast. I have been listening to them and trying to get caught up on the million of them. 

I work on a few things that I have to check off my list until lunch time. This week is a paperwork busy week. We have weeks that we are dealing with court and grand jury. Then the other two weeks are getting caught up on the paperwork that gets pushed aside during those other two weeks. 


Today was a busy morning so I jumped on the Jimmy Johns app and order my lunch. It takes them five minutes to get my office via bike. 

 After lunch it was back to my desk to research case law and make some calls. I had to walk over to the courthouse to file some papers and get subpoena's that needed to be served. 


Finally at 5pm I am off work and head to pick up Charlee. She goes to school in a Old District with beautiful churches and old homes. She is about ten minutes from me in a church daycare. 


I get home about 6pm and make Chicken and Rice casserole. J ended up working late at the hospital almost every day last week. So it was just us until five minutes before dinner came out of the oven. I think he has a camera on the oven and knows just when it is eating time. 

At 7p we do bath time and I let her get out some last minute energy. She gets a bath every single time to calm her down and get her ready for bed. Her dry skin gets worst if she doesn't get a bath every night too. She gets more itchy. At 7:30 we turn all the lights off except one lamp and her sound machine comes on. We read a handful of books and I give her a bottle. She usually goes to sleep right after she finishes her bottle. She is usually out between 7:45p and 8pm. Depending on when we start bedtime routine.FYI she gets in trouble all the time for putting her ears in the water. She now thinks it is funny...eye roll!


After she gets in bed I clean the kitchen from dinner and get all of our things ready for the next day. Lunches are made. She gets breakfast, 2 bottles, and snacks at school. I pack all of those except the snacks every night. She drinks three to four toddler formula/ pediasure bottles a day. We are still trying to make sure that she doesn't have a drop in weight. 

Some where between 9 and 10 I sit on the couch to watch a show on the dvr. Shout out that Homeland started back...Sometime I take this time to soak in the bathtub. Which is the best after a busy day. I usually go to bed around 10ish. Sometimes it isn't until much later. 

 My day really isn't exciting. It is very long and busy. Some where in that I am going to start adding the gym too. Once J is medically cleared we are gonna start hitting the gym again. 

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