February Goals

Monday, February 5, 2018

Happy Monday! So this year I am trying to hold myself more accountable. I think part of staying on track with that is creating monthly goals and checking them off as the month goes by. January was the hardest month for us and I feel like with February we have a fresh start. I wanted to share some of my goals.

* Menu plan more. I usually wait until that Sunday and attempt to figure out what we are eating for the week but that usually turns in to a half ass plan that never works out. I need to get on the ball and plan at least a week in advance so we can be prepared. I love Walmart's grocery pickup but it is being more popular and harder to do. I also would like to meal plan around all the stuff we have just sitting in our pantry. I love using the freezer and pantry stuff up a few times a year so we can start from scratch again. 

* This on kinda piggy backs off the previous one. I need to make so freezer meals to just be able to throw in the crockpot and walk out the door to work. Life get is so busy with us right now and this will save a lot of extra time. 

* Make a new budget and live by it. We always make a budget but have actually never gone by it. This month I would like to actually use the budget and stay on track. We always have weird off the wall expenses come up that we never planned for... like a hospital inpatient bill. I want us to have more money in an emergency fund for these type things.

* Reading several books a month as always been a favorite past time of mine but when Charlee came along that kinda went away. Now that she is bigger I would like to at least get back to reading one book a month. I hope to pick up some new mommy books so help give me suggestions on how to be a better mom. I always strive to be better for her and I am open to any tips that I can get. 

* I would like to tackle a major closet clean out. I have a lot of clothes that have stain, holes, and just don't get worn. I need to donate, trash, and start rebuilding. If you know any tricks to do this please as them to ya girl.

Do you have any February goals?

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