charlee margaret | 14 months

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Charlee Margaret!
You are already 14 months old.
while I thought for sure you would already have a mouth full of teeth because of your rough sleep at the beginning of the month you still only have three teeth. You are working on a fourth that you can see at the gum line it just won't make its appearance to the party yet. You can tell that they are bothering you by the way everything goes in your mouth and you want a lot of extra snuggles. I take all of the extra snuggles that you have to offer between 6:30 am and 7:30 pm.

Miss Charlee, you are the life of the party
You always want to be the center of attention and never left out of anything at all.
You protest if someone walks out of the room without inviting you to come along.
You have found a love for being outdoors and I can totally see some
of mommies qualities in you already
you find everything funny and worth a cackling (and contagious) laugh...and I cannot get enough of that laugh.
girl has this fake chuckle she gives off, more of a snort, really, when she does something she thinks is funny and expects you to find funny, too.
Destructor is the name of Charlee’s baby game.
..banging, slamming, and dumping anything in her path.
the messier the better.
She picks the loudest toy first thing in the morning… so much fun
She has become such a dancing queen
is a total girly girl and loves to help choose a hair bow and put on her shoes.
..and it is a fight to the death through every second of getting dressed or changing her diaper.
it completely, 100% DRIVES ME NUTS.
loves her wubba more than anything
y’all, if she can swing her leg around it, you better believe she’s getting on top of ‘it’.
..the couch, toys, chairs, just about anything that she can
she isn’t so much of a thinker, but she’s definitely a doer.
..always always ALWAYS on the go and literally does not stop until
she crashes into her bed for nap or at bedtime.
she sleeps really well at night.
..bedtime is at 7:30pm and she is out until 6:30 in the morning.
She is starting to drop her morning nap which I am thankful for.
Her pediatrian said it had to be gone by 15 months.
my girl loves to eat, most of the time.
..she prefers to graze like a bird, but is getting better about eating more than 4 or 5 bites at meal times.
her sass meter is off the charts.
..I’m semi-fearful of what the ‘terrible two’s’
Charlee is sassy but on the other hand she is the sweetest.
..she is so concerned with those around her that she loves and freely shares toys and food and space about 85% of the time.
her (fake) laugh, smile, and the never-ending joy in her eyes are somethings that cannot be captured well enough into words.
..we all love you so very much.
Happy 14 months Love!

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