Friday Favs

Friday, March 2, 2018

Happy Friday Everyone! This week has gone by at the speed of a snail. Here we are and it is finally Friday. 

One. Y'all purchasing bathing suits for this none summer ready mom bod is seriously difficult. I purchased a few from Cupshe and hopefully they will work out. I love bathing suits but I am not in love with how my body looks for them right now. I will be starting meal prepping and working out next week. I am so excited to get back to what we were doing before.. 

Two. Charlee had glitter pictures done a few weekends ago. Y'all I swore that I would never put myself through cleaning up after glitter pictured but they turned out awesome. 
Maybe it is worth having gold glitter in my car floorboard forever....  Speaking of pictures we have Easter pictures this weekend with live animals. I received a email this week saying that it the kids are too rough then the animals will have to be removed away from them... lord say a prayer for us that Char is sweet.

Three. I need to get some new work clothes... spill the beans on where you get your awesome work clothes for good prices. I have to dress professional for the courthouse so keep that in mind when telling me where you shop. 

Four. Last Saturday we picked up the toddler rail for char's crib. She has been waking up really early in the morning trying to escape out of the crib. She is starting to learn kinda what she needs to do to be able to get out. I am not ready to change her yet but it will happen before we know it. I want her to be able to move her arms and body a little farther up then we will change it. Lord I hope this goes good.

Five. This week we purchased the roomba for multi room homes and I am so pumped. I love being able to let that do it's thing and not have dog hair everywhere!! I can not wait to set it up this weekend and let it work. We have the one room one and it cleans good but this is fixing to take it to the next level...

Have a great weekend loves! 

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