Monday, March 26, 2018

Happy Monday! Where did the weekend go? I am really on the struggle bus on this Monday hints the really late post. 

Friday: Friday after work we went stuffed our faces with burgers and grilled chicken sandwiches at Mugshots. It was tasty and those bottomless fries....

Saturday: We got up for Charlee to do gymnastics. She was pitching a fit the whole time and didn't want to do anything. We skipped out a little girl so she could catch a nap before meeting the Easter bunny. We headed out to the Pike Road Easter hunt. Char hunted some eggs and then  was terrified of the Easter bunny. We had Pizza and went home so she could nap and I could do some laundry. That night we had dinner with a friend who just had surgery and needed to get out of the house. After dinner we stopped by academy for me to get some workout shorts. 

Sunday: Charlee was up by 6:30 like always. I let her play in her pjs for a while in her room while I cleaned out some baby stuff out of her room. After this we headed to Costco for our weekly grocery trip. I went to workout after we dropped everything off then we headed to Zaxby's for dinner. Then went home to catch up on the dvr.


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