charlee margaret | 15 months

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

we are going for Charlee's 15 month check up on Friday and I can not wait to see what her weight is. She is currently in mostly 12-18 month clothes ans still size 3 diapers. She is still a tiny string bean and is growing up instead of out.  She has a tad bit of a cold right now but I am blaming those teeth for that. Every time she is getting a new tooth she gets a cold with it. 

In other news..
Char has one new tooth this month. That brings the grand total to four. 
It does not slow her down a bit on the food though. She will gum anything that you offer her or that she can steal off your plate. She has this habit of taking stuff off my plate and eating everything that I have... insert eye roll
your appetite was basically terrible this month,  but here at the end it has much improved-
 you really do love to eat when you WANT to eat.  you eat like a bird and want food as often as you can get it. 
You finally kicked the toddler formula this month and started getting carnation instant milk. I got to pack away the baby breeza formula maker this month.
you still won't stop drinking it from a bottle but I know one day you will get there.

your motor development is definitely improving this month.
..climbing, running, walking up & down stairs, 
and using utensils while eating come easy to you.
over the last couple months you have started practicing your dance moves.
..this month you are definitely ready for back-up dancer extraordinaire.  
You do the shoulder lean and bee-bop like a boss.
Your few of your favorite things at 15 months: 
Your Wubbanub is still your go too.
playing outside.  ALL.Dayyyy.Long.
you will stand at the door and just holler until someone lets you out.
you love anything and everything that plays music.
accessories.  bracelets, watches, necklaces, handbags.  you love them all, and you know how to layer those beads well, girl.  
pushing boxes, bags, toys {anything, really..} across the floor.  
outgoing, hilariously goofy, wears a contagious smile, and most of all, pretty over dramatic.
..all words that describe your personality.
easy-going, care-free and clumsy describe you perfectly. can’t turn a corner without taking a topple, which never phases you at all.
you pop right up and take off once again.
..always on the move with places to go and people to see.
toys to steal!
you learned to master facial expressions and they are so silly. 
Mean mugging is your favorite right now...
Your personality is amazing and I know you will do great things baby girl. 

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