Monday, April 9, 2018

we are still in weekend hangover here and have zero plans this week aside from the usual errands and work. the weekend was busy but I didn’t take a ton of photos to share a fun/full weekend recap, so I’m going with my usual five on friday format.. on Monday

last week we started crossfit foundations. It was rough and I had a sinus infection mixed with ear infections but we made it work. I think I am really going to like this and use this as a lifestyle change tool. Last week we went everyday and it was tough work but I really liked learn how to lift weights properly without getting hurt. The owner/coach really works with you to make sure that you don't get hurt.

// skincare.
I really need yalls help and recommendations on some bomb skin care. I don't really have a great skincare routine that I just love. I would love for you guys to give me some great ideas. 

//sports bras
Ladies I need your recommendations on this too. I need to know what is the best sports bra for a high intensity workout that doesn't cost a huge amount of money. I don't want to drop a lot on a sports bra until I am at the weight that I plan on staying. It's just silly to pay 60 on sports bra and it be huge in three months.

// meal prep
Y'all I started meal prepping again three weeks ago and it is a life saver. i follow clean monday meals on insta and copy a lot of her recipes. She is great and everything that I have made taste amazing. 

// eyebrow bar
Last Friday I decided to change things up a little bit and get my brows waxed at the Ulta benefits brow bar. I like idea behind it and I get what they are doing but i don't know how i feel about it. They shape your brows the way that they are suppose to be when you grow them out correctly but they don't take in to account the rest of your face and how one may end up thinner than the other. I just feel like you should look at the bigger picture when you are taking hair off of someone.. I am overall okay about the end results but wish she would have taken less off so I can slowly grow in what needs to grow.

Happy Monday!

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