Monday, April 16, 2018

Happy Monday. This weekend was one for the books. Friday Charlee woke up with pink eye so I called in to work and decided that we would just show up at her 15 month check up with an added pink eye bonus. She had a ton of energy so we went to the zoo to get some energy out and use our yearly pass. We were told by the doctor as long as she doesn't touch anything that she would be fine. Plus I figured it would help keep her mind off of the scratching.

We walked around and saw everything before we headed to chickfila for lunch. At lunch she had some weird reaction to something but was fine right after. We went back to the house and got a few things done before her checkup. Baby girl is finally on the growth chart at 8% for weight. We are so excited for her to finally be gaining. 

Saturday we woke up early to go grab J his meds and head to gymnastics. Straight from gymnastics we went to Birmingham to J's sister's new home. We settled in to spend the night after a lunch  at beef o Brady. Char took about a two hour nap and we headed to Texas De Brazil. It is our favorite place to eat and celebrate anything. It was so good! It is basically evey mans dream of all you can eat meat. 

We settled and watched dateline after we got the kids to bed. After that we were so full we were right behind them. Sunday we returned home in the pouring rain just in time to meal prep and finish laundry up. Then watch the Walking Dead and Talking Dead....

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