What's up Wednesday

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Happy Hump Day Friends! 

Memorial Day Weekend

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Happy Tuesday friends! I hope that everyone had a great long weekend! This weekend we braved the weather and headed down to the Gulf Shores. It was Charlee's firs time at the beach and this girl had the best time ever! She swam and played in the sand. She had the best time of her life and just wanted to be at the beach as much as possible. Friday night we arrived a little after lunch time. So we unpacked and headed to the grocery store to purchase a few things for the weekend. After that we got ready for dinner and made our way to my brother's house who lives in Loxley. We had dinner at Blue Gill one of my favorite restaurants. 

friday favs

Friday, May 18, 2018

Happy Friday Everyone! I am so glad that this week is coming to a close. This weekend should be a great time. Charlee is going to grandma's house tonight for the weekend. We have plans to go to dinner with our supper club group tonight and a spring party tomorrow for the ball group that I am in. 

one. Once a month our supper club gets together to have a great time and get all the kiddo's together. But every quarter we do a adult only supper club and we are so excited that tonight we going out to dinner. We are saying goodbye and celebrating one couple who will be leaving to move to there next military base. We are sad to see them go but oh so happy for them.

two. I ordered this dress from Rent the Runway to wear to the Spring Party Saturday night.If you have been around my blog than you know that I am a big fan of Rent the Runway. I can order a dress and it is here two days later and I have had nothing but great dresses from there.  

Coffee Talk

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Happy Friday Eve. I am so glad that the weekend is almost here and we can kiss this week bye Felicia. I wanted to share a little coffee talk post. 

 *My girl is getting so big and I just love it. She surprises me more more on what she can do different daily. We are loving this summer weather outside to be able to play in the water table more and more! 

five on friday

Friday, May 11, 2018

Happy Friday! I am so glad that we are a few hours away from the weekend!! I am ready for some downtime away from work... 

one. Muffins for Mom. This morning Charlee's preschool put together a muffins with mom complete with flower pots with hand prints and some yummy muffins for us to snack on. I made the bust toddler stop to strike a pose with her momma. I got a little emotional this morning thinking about how luck that I am to be her momma. 

Meal Prep

Mother's Day Wish List

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Happy Wednesday Everyone. Sorry that I have been a little MIA. This second baby has been weighing heavy on my heart and I am just taking time to process what to do.... Anyway I wanted to share a few things that are totally on my Mother's Day wish list. 


What to do??

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Happy Friday Eve! I need some direction right now and it seems like writing my feelings and thoughts out may help me process everything right now... so I'm gonna do that. 

We have been seriously thinking about adding another baby into this crazy thing called life. I am all on board and ready to do the dang thing but then J has questions. We have been given the opportunity to start the process for a small fee of 3,500.00.  Yeah small right?!? This would completely drain our savings. We recently purchased a few things for the house before we knew this was a option in hopes of building it back up over the next few months/ year. So here we are now with the possibility of having another one my insurance doesn't cover anything infertility related. So what do we do??

We probably wouldn't do the procedure until October because well I want a summer baby. I can just see the birthday parties now. The would cover the procedure, medications, and everything else... But do we want to drop that for something to happen and us to not have the money if something happens. This opportunity would probably not come along again which means this is our last chance to add baby number two. Meaning all my embryos will be gone. We have one shot at this....

What do we do??? 
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