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Friday, May 11, 2018

Happy Friday! I am so glad that we are a few hours away from the weekend!! I am ready for some downtime away from work... 

one. Muffins for Mom. This morning Charlee's preschool put together a muffins with mom complete with flower pots with hand prints and some yummy muffins for us to snack on. I made the bust toddler stop to strike a pose with her momma. I got a little emotional this morning thinking about how luck that I am to be her momma. 

two. tomorrow we have plans to go to our local taco festival. I am so excited to get to spend some time with my small family and eat some yummy tacos from local restaurants. This is our third year of going and it gets better and better every year!

three. our neighborhood pool also opens this weekend and this girl is super pumped. I need to get some color on this skin and can not wait to see charlee splashing around this year. We need to sign her up for swimming lessons. I was looking at that this week and hope to be able to get her in them soon. 

four. we are two weeks away from our beach trip and I can't wait. Do you guys have any tips on taking a toddler to the beach. We have no clue what all we need to pack but if you guys have tips drop them in the comments. 

five. So for teacher appreciation week this I had a cookie cake delivered to the classroom for the two teachers to eat. I felt like that was enough to say that I love you for loving my kid.. Is that enough of should i have done more?

Have a great weekend!

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