What to do??

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Happy Friday Eve! I need some direction right now and it seems like writing my feelings and thoughts out may help me process everything right now... so I'm gonna do that. 

We have been seriously thinking about adding another baby into this crazy thing called life. I am all on board and ready to do the dang thing but then J has questions. We have been given the opportunity to start the process for a small fee of 3,500.00.  Yeah small right?!? This would completely drain our savings. We recently purchased a few things for the house before we knew this was a option in hopes of building it back up over the next few months/ year. So here we are now with the possibility of having another one my insurance doesn't cover anything infertility related. So what do we do??

We probably wouldn't do the procedure until October because well I want a summer baby. I can just see the birthday parties now. The would cover the procedure, medications, and everything else... But do we want to drop that for something to happen and us to not have the money if something happens. This opportunity would probably not come along again which means this is our last chance to add baby number two. Meaning all my embryos will be gone. We have one shot at this....

What do we do??? 

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  1. Hey there! I stumbled across your blog yesterday and this post. I totally understand not wanting to deplete your savings especially now that you have another life to think about outside of your own. Have you considered doing a small consumer loan? I am not sure what options they have in your part of AL but I do know Redstone FCU is huge down there! Credit unions are the way to go! I used to work at a large one here in middle TN. They have great rates on unsecured consumer loans. Just thought I would throw this option out there to you. Good luck and God Bless!


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