Friday Favs

Friday, June 1, 2018

Happy Friday Friends! This week flew by and here we are at the weekend again! I am so ready for another summer weekend and hopefully some time at the pool. 

one. Summer Lovin'
We got the outside TV hung and are so ready to summer BBQ's outside on the patio. We had a blast eating dinner and playing the few times that we have been able to do it. I totally can't wait to spend every summer night out there..

Two. Happy National Donuts Day! 
Most places are giving out free donuts or you can purchase a drink and get a free donut.... I know we will be line several times today. #aintgonnapassonadonut

Three. Beachin'
Yall last weekend we had the best weekend at the beach ever. I don't know how we can top it at all this summer unless we go back. Charlee had the best time and didn't get sun burned. Double win!

Four. Crossfitin. 
We are going to watch our first crossfit competition held at our gym tomorrow. I can not wait to cheer my friends on and see if I could do it next year or maybe a different one later in the year somewhere else. I think Charlee will have a great time watching all the people and cheering them on. 

Five. Infertility
Come one back next week for a new fertility post and possibly taking about plans to add a sibling in the mix. 


  1. Oh man I used to LOVE cross fit and then I got hurt and then I got old so now I'm more of a loser HAHA! Your little is adorable and beach days sound perfect...if I didn't live four hours away from them! Best of luck with your fertility plans. I have a close friend who is a fertility nurse - I swear it's amazing work! Wonderful weekend wishes :)

  2. I didn't know it was national donut day. Thanks for telling me. Now you've given me the perfect excuse to eat a donut!


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