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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

There was a time in our early marriage that I lost my job due to cut backs and had a really hard time finding something else. Eventually god helped guide me to the perfect job later but we had to make hard decisions and live off of one income. It defiantly tested our marriage but eventually we were able to make it work until I found a new job. I wanted to pass on a few tips that we learn along the way to maybe help someone else like us out.

1. Be content: This was very hard for us. We had to work really hard on being content with what we already had in life. This was a total mental thing that we had to get past. You desire to have everything that you don't already have and at that time you totally need (need not want) something. I had to learn how to not impulse buy and ask myself it is a need or want. I think this will give you a new outlook on things when you do indulge. You won't feel as though you are entitled to have it and will enjoy whatever it is better. Like that massage was better or this outfit is the best! You need to remind yourself what the end game is. You may want to save up for a house or that perfect new purse.

2. Live beneath your means: When we first got married we made a effort to budget and live beneath our means. We wanted everything... I mean come one wedding bliss. But we did not get in the habit of spending extra money that could go to something else later. If you only watch tv once a week do you really need the movie channels or the cable bill in general. I'm not telling you to never watch tv but what if everything you watch is on hulu or Netflix. We try at the end of each money to put the extra money into savings to get us closer and closer to whatever we saving for.

3. No Credit Card Debt: Listen I know as good as the next girl you need that new makeup palette and the credit card won't hurt you as long as you pay it off before the end of the month but what happens if you get a flat tire and that money has to go on the card and then something else happens. Then at the end of the month comes and you can't pay it all. When you get credit cards it should be to build credit not to build debt. If you use the credit card pay it off every month and don't put stuff you don't need to on it. 

4. Shop Online: This was a game changer for me. I started using Walmart grocery pickup and instacart instead of going to the grocery store. I have a bad habit of going to the grocery store and buying everything that I thought I needed right then. When you shop online and don't step into the store you don't see the family size bag of m&ms or that new drug store makeup that you have to have. This saves us so much money. If we run out of something I go ahead and put it in my Walmart cart and it is already there the next time I have to schedule a pickup. 

5. Meal Prep: Meal preppin saves us so much money too. First of all coming from the person that does all the cooking in our house when you take the time out of your day to make the food you don't want to waste it. Plus when you have the food available at home you aren't gonna want to run out and go through a drive thru. You already have the food available there for you to eat. 

I know everyone won't be able to always live by these few tips but simple changes can help save you a lot of money. What helped you!?

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