Monday, June 11, 2018

We had the best weekend ever- full of family and relaxing! Just what my soul needed. Friday night we got home and headed to our small group. We were trying out a new small group game night and made the decision that we will not be joining that group for the rest of the semester. We prefer to have a small group close to our age and this group was a lot older. We headed home and called it a night after a show on the dvr. 

Saturday morning Char slept until 7am... Thank you Jesus! We got ready and headed to the Farmer's Market. I picked up some corn, squash, peas, and potatoes to make for our meal prep for the week. I also pickup some cucumber and strawberries to snack on during the week. We headed home with all our goodies then headed to J's parent's house. Char and I got in the pool for 20 minutes before it started pouring. We got dressed and decided it was time to take a nap before dinner time. For dinner we cooked out Steaks, green beans, and potato salad. Then went home to call it a night again.

Sunday we woke up and hung out at the house while I got some chores done. Then we headed outside before the rain to play in the sprinkler that I got Char. We ran a few errands after nap time. Then I cooked pork chops on the grill plate with all the fresh veggies that I got from the farmer's market Saturday.  It was a fantastic weekend. We cleared a lot of our DVR and just relaxed! 

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