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Monday, September 24, 2018

Hey Friends! I am checking in. I sure have missed this little outlet of mine. Things have been super busy but we are slowing down just in time for Fall.

* Starting today I am going to attempt to go Gluten and Diary free for my PCOS. I am having a lot of hormonal issues that I am hoping I can clear up with my diet. I think as we talk more and more about baby number two this diet will help my body stabilize more. If you have tips, tricks, or advise please send them my way. I really want to stick to this the best I can but I have read that some labels are really tricky to read.

*If you have ever walked through any infertility journey I highly suggest you precipitate in the next TTC exchange. I have done it a few times and just set out this rounds box today. And yall nothing feels better than to connect with people who are going through the same things as you. 

*Yall podcast have become my thing here lately during the day time. My favorites are my favorite murder, small town murders, Dr. Death, and and that's why we drink. Notice a similarity... yes they are all murder podcast. They are so interesting to me.

* We will be potty training Charlee next week and I am super nervous. We will be doing the three day method to see how she does. I think she will do great. She has kinda hinted that she is ready here lately by telling us that she already went. I purchased her some underwear and printed out some cute potty charts. Coming up we will be changing her bed into a toddler bed and updating her room. I will share my inspiration and a potty training update. I'm NOT ready for my girl to be so grown. 

* J has been on Ramen kick lately and apparently he wants me to learn how to make it so please if you have recipes please share them with me. I need your help!!!

Have a great week!

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