Wish List for the Home 2018

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Hey Friends! I just wanted t to share the top five things on my Christmas List for the home.

one. The All-Clad Crockpot. I have had my eye on this beauty for a few years now but never could pull the trigger on it. Now my current slow cooker is slowing dying and developing hot spots and I have reason to purchase a new one. I want a slow cooker that looks nice and stays that way. Every slow cooker that I have ever had looks bad after a year or two and I've heard this one last a long time and looks great.

Two. The Cuisinart Single-Serve Coffeemaker This coffee maker just like the Kerig but I heard it last a lot longer that the coffee makers just like them. It has a rinse cycle that cleans the machine which other machines like this do not have and I have heard horror stories. 

Three. I love the sleek look of this diffuser. I really want a modern designed diffuser that will go with the rest of the house. I have recently got in to diffusing oils several times a week so relax and recharge... plus it keeps colds away.

Four. I have been in the market for a new vacuum that works great on hardwood floors and rugs. We tried the Roomba and had to send it back due to it not working. This vacuum has been on my radar lately. It is suppose to work great on hardwood and rugs. My robot vacuum would never complete a cycle due to the large rugs in our home. It would get stuck on a rug and end the job.

Five. These two books are on my list this year. I love all things Joanna Gaines and hope to have half the home and heart that this lady has. 

Whats on your Christmas List for the home this year?

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