Charlee Margaret is TWO

Thursday, January 24, 2019

its been two whole years since we welcomed our sweet baby into this world.  We are so blessed to have the opportunity to be this sweet girls parents. Man God totally knew what he was doing when he blessed us with your sweet kind spirit.  
I was feeling sentimental and scrolling through old pictures and watching videos from this time last year, and my bald, round-faced, wobbly walking little girl has changed SO much.   
while I feel like this season with her as a tiny toddler has gone by extra fast  I absolutely love this age and these new milestones with her.  I am doing my very best to soak them in and not miss out simply because “I’m busy”.   
so many memories have been made in this 2nd year with our  little girl.
Happiest Birthday, my precious, precious Charlee Margaret!

21 lb 
33.5 in

Charlee has learned and experienced so much in her second year of life. She knows her color, can count to 14, and can tell you her letters. She has turned in to quit the parrot and will repeat any and everything that you say. She has the best personality and has become quit the spunky little girl. She doesn't want to be alone and always wants me next to her.
She went on her first airplane trip to Texas, she was Boo from Monsters inc for Halloween, she got her second set of tubes, She tossed the paci around Christmas, she had the best summer and spring playing outside and at the pool.
This girl is a bottomless pit but never gains weight. She eats from the time she gets up to the time her head hits the pillow at night. She has turned into quit the picky eater. She has a texture issue that I hope we can get past very soon. She is slowly working through it. Pasta, mac n cheese, pizza, Mexican restaurant rice, soup, Taco Bell, chicken, Lunchable Turkey and Cheese, Pop Tarts, and Yogurt. She wants Ketchup on everything! She likes to snack on applesauce pouches, cereal, and nutrigrain bars.
This girl is finally starting to sleep a lot better. Halfway through the year we changed her to a toddler bed since she was so close to climbing out and that was a MISTAKE. She would end up waking up and getting out of bed 100 times a night. She goes down between 7:30 and 8:00 and sleeps to 6:30am. She wakes up a few times throughout the night but for the most part she is back sleeping at least until 4am. Then she comes to our room to sleep until 6:30. 

Girlfriend you are smart and sassy. You run the house hold and you know it. You love to play, color, and pretend with your toys. You amaze me everyday and you are growing to be such a sweet gentle soul. You don't like when people are loud and your heart breaks when people get on to you. You are a lot like your mama and I love that. You are our biggest blessing and we are so thankful god let us to be your parents.

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